witticisms by Jess Witty

August 11, 2009


So I realize the timing is a bit off on this one. However, it's one of my favorites, so I wanted to show it to you now before the timing is past being just a bit off and into the land of what-was-she-thinking-posting-a-springtime-card-during-Christmas? I'd like to tell you about the *uber* productive weekend we had... but I can't. Because if I follow up last week's post about the bread making fiasco with a post about all of the pre-holiday work that we crammed into about 8 hours time this weekend, you will probably come to the misbegotten conclusion that I am actually trying to embody Martha herself. And while I lovingly read my Martha Stewart magazine every month (usually while on the treadmill, but to be perfectly honest, these feet haven't seen the treadmill since the arrival of a certain wee Witty... now how is it that I am left with, ahem, more of me after both of the children that did not come from me than the singular child that did? The irony.), I wouldn't want to lead you astray. So for your sake, who might not know me well enough to know that Martha, nor anyone like her, lives in this home - or even visits on a semi-regular basis - I'll hold off. I will tell you that I did take pictures of the entire process mess, so never fear, you'll be subjected to an entire reading and viewing of it next week. But until then, I'll bring you this one! I planned the whole card out, then only added the little leaf pins as an afterthought. Of course, they're the part I ended up liking the best. I love how they echo the shape of the embossed leaves on the paper.

And by the way, thanks to all of you who have left comments. Besides the fact that it is completely suprising that people even find their way here, some of you are quite hilarious! And a special shout out to my friend, Mel, who felt the need to confess to me (not surprisingly, at church... shocking, right?) that she was the culprit who gave the bread starter to Mikki, who gave the starter to me. And then there's Dana, who left a comment saying that she had the extreme misfortune of leaving her Amish bread starter in the car where it proceeded to explode all over the place. I have to say, that one takes the cake... bread.

Later, friends!

Springtime card PP = Paperie Greenhouse Varnished Vine Paper (Making Memories); All Fall Spelling Paper (Fancy Pants);Amy Butler Lotus Tea Box Butterflies Die-Cuts by K & Co. CS = Basic Gray (SU) Chipboard = Playhouse Tags Chipboard Shapes (American Crafts) Stickers = Tiny Black on White Alpha Stickers (Making Memories) Ribbon = May Arts Other = Leaf Trinket Pins by Maya Road; slit punch (SU)


Anonymous said...

This card is Flutterbye heaven!

Erica said...

Girl, I am loving your creations. When I read about the bread exploding in the car, my heart sank. I can only imagine how long that took her to clean up.
That bread is delicious, though!
I love the way you write!

ny2tx_patti said...

Jess, I love your butterfly card and I'm grinning about Zeke's tp episode and how much you enjoyed making the friendship bread! What would we do without our friends?

Bethany Paull said...

What a gorgeous card. The butterflies are so bold but in such beautiful colors. And I agree...I love the leaf pins.