witticisms by Jess Witty

September 08, 2009

just a quick one...

Hey, there, friends! I'm going to attempt the near impossible and make it my goal to keep this one short! I know, I know... I am just too verbally bountiful to make that a real possibility, but let's all just play along and pretend that I am that talented, k? Today I'm bringing the latest issue of PC to you. Isn't that stitched pumpkin card on the cover just stinkin' *adorable*?! Totally wish I had thought of that! I didn't... it's by the super talented Wendy Johnson. I'm going to have to give that a whirl.
Here's a card I did make, though! There is a whole article on using gradient color in design and I totally dig it. This is my take on it. The chipboard is pre-embossed with the flourish design, so that made it totally easy to ink it up with some different shades and get the gradient effect. Will I ever stop with the gray? Ummmm... no. Not anytime soon, I'm thinkin. Love the gray dotted ribbon and the pink paper with the gray flocked dots! All righty, kids... I could keep going. But I'm making myself quit. I'm like an addict with words. Not to worry, though. I can't hold myself back for too long. Later, friends!


K said...

loved cath's article on gradient color, and your card is beautiful! thanks and congrats! ~k

P. Kelly Smith said...

Jess, from one "verbally bountiful" Texan to another, I say celebrate it! Look on the plus side... you'll always have content for your blog! Looking forward to seeing soon! Start thinking about what you want for lunch the day I pick you up... We don't have Whataburger in Utah, but I'm sure we can find something close to it!