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September 03, 2009

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Hello, friends! I'm bringing you a little gift set today. It's a bit outside of my usual type of thing. I think this is the first time I've ever worked with an actual kit like this (this one is a favor kit by Basic Grey and it has the supplies to make 8 birdies and a variety coordinating of tags, etc.). I guess I tend to kind of have that I-could-probably-make-that-myself feeling (not that I always actually do end up making it, though) and I have that almost guilty feeling for getting something that I might have an outside possibility of being able to do myself. However, I gave myself a break on this one because the boxes are shaped like little birdies. Now, come on, people... birdies? Yeah. I thought this one might be one where I should just branch out and get the kit. (Ah, branch out... I'm laughing on the inside!) So to make the little birdie my own I though, wow, wouldn't it be great if I made my own little birdie nest from cardstock? And so I did. And let me tell you how that went. Not well. Not well at all. Twice. So on to Plan C. I actually really like how this one turned out! (Phew, right, because really, 4 attempts at something is getting to be a bit ridiculous, in my opinion, and yet strangly addicting because by that point I'm so completely invested in a project that, by golly, there is going to be a tiny birdie nest getting made out of something even if I have to go steal the darned sticks and feathers from an actual birdie family myself.)

Anyhow, it turns out that clear gable boxes make excellent birdie nests. Who knew? I just trimmed off the gable-y part of the sides, which is fine because if this little birdie nest had sides that closed up then it really wouldn't be a birdie nest so much as it would be a birdie house and the goal here was a nest.

The food of choice in this nest is apparently Jelly Bellys which, personally, I think any birdie would love. (Get it? Any-birdie... any-body...? Wow, I am just really crackin myself up today, aren't I?)

I loved the little birdie nest but it didn't have any stamping on it and that just didn't seem right so I went ahead and made a little coordinating card, just for kicks. I'm kinda digging the layout with the tag folded over the side. I'm also into the turquoise thread lately. Especially on the kraft.

So that's about it for this little birdie. If you'd like detailed instructions, just mosey on over here.

Also, if you're in the mood to see some super cute, super fun cards you can visit Cath's post from yesterday on the Moxie Fab blog. She was sweet enough to post my card from Monday alongside some way cuter and fabulous-er (yeah, I know that just kills some of you but I love the wonkyness of non-words... look I did it again... wonkyness... love it) cards by some fab chicks. I think you'll like 'em.

Later, friends! {Bird's Nest & Card Set} Clear stamps - Baroque set (Melissa Francis) Pigment ink - White craft (Stampin' Up) PP - Lemonade Favor Kit & Lemonade Frosted Berry Paper (Basic Grey) CS - Krafts (Papertrey Ink) Stickers - Tiny Brown Alpha Stickers (Making Memories) Embellishments - Soft Pink Rhinestone, Silver Rhinestone, Hot pink Rhinestone (Kaisercraft) Ribbon - Greenhouse Trims (Making Memories) Box - Clear MEDIUM GABLE Favor Boxes


jen said...

just so you know, I now save your post for last to read 'cuz it always cracks me up! every. single. time. Thanks!!!
Glad the nest turned out so cute too! :)

K said...

so cute! the papers are a wonderful choice--especially the plaid [see moxie fab today], and that its little eye is closed is the cutest touch of all! thanks! ~k

Lisa said...

Fantastic, as usual.

Sherry Wright said...

You're too funny, love reading your posts. That nest (for all the trouble) turned out great!! :)

Emma and Jackson's Mom said...

LOVE it! And I loved the birdie jokes too, made me laugh!