witticisms by Jess Witty

November 16, 2009

tweet tweet...

Hey, there, friends! It's only a week and a half until Thanksgiving Day and what does that mean? It means it's time for me to hunker down and actually decide on this year's Christmas card design. Part A of this little plan has already been accomplished... taking the annual Witty family Christmas picture... check. The first time we've attempted it with 3 kids. Did I mention that all three kids are 5 years old and under? Yeaaaaaah. I like to to call it the quest for the fabled and often-sought-after-yet-never-quite-accomplished perfect family photo where all the subjects are at their optimum cuteness and actually looking at the camera while smiling. Did I mention that all three kids are 5 years old and under? So, really, we just settle for taking oh, about 252 pictures (more or less. Or exactly. Because that is exactly how many pictures we took. Seriously.) in speed time where the majority of the subjects are looking somewhat cute, all the while crossing our fingers that no one is crying. Check. I'm actually pretty much 100% happy with this year's edition. It features a super secret weapon that, I have to say, I came up with in a stroke of absolute genius. Without a doubt. And now... I'm sure you'd like to actually see the pictures, huh? Not yet, friends. Gotta save that for when my Christmas card is actually designed. Which... um... needs to be PDQ. (Did anyone else's mom say that when you were growing up... PDQ? Pretty darn quick. Mine did. ATT. All the time.) So I'll just leave you with this little one today. Nothing to do with Christmas, but it makes me happy. The birdie is actually one side of those little favor boxes by Basic Grey... I thought it was a neat way to use it without actually making it into the favor box. I still love those little sentiments from PTI's Birds of a Feather set. Christmas card design... here I come. Let's hope I'm inspired! Later, friends!


Anabelle O'Malley said...

I bet that photo shoot was quite the experience! Can't wait to see the picture. Let me know if you need any photoshop help. ;) LOVE the birdie card!