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January 22, 2010

Start to Finish

Morning, friends. Let's see... what do I have left to do before CHA? One assignment One 10 minute scrap pile card 3 blog posts Project paperwork Trip to the post office to mail said paperwork and cards Plan outfits (oh, yes, I do. With the accessories. There is not an inch to spare in that suitcase, folks.) Pack outfits Buy umbrella Provide food, love, and general parenting to my children Not necessarily in that order. Before I go off into the wild blue CHA yonder, I thought I'd leave you with a little project from the brand new Card Creations: Start to Finish! (I was actually going to feature Stamp It! today, but a) I missed out on featuring Card Creations back during the yucky yucky sickness and b) I actually have some copies of Stamp It! to give away, and seeing as how I won't actually be here to do any actual giving away, I thought I'd wait on that!) Here is one of my favorite little Start to Finish projects... it's the project that started the whole patchwork scrapwork idea. (I know, I know... are you sick of patchwork yet?!)
This was also the project that inspired me to use yellow on my personal Christmas cards. I just love how the addition of the yellow tones totally freshens up the traditional reds and greens.
If you'll be attending CHA, be sure to stop by the Paper Crafts booth and say hi! I'll be hanging out there with all the Go-to-Gals and editors on Monday from 11am-noon and again on Tuesday from 2pm-3pm! There might be free issues of the January/Febuary issue, the new Stamp It!, and tee-shirts involved. And by might, I mean probably. And by probably, I mean definitely. Don't miss it! And be sure to stop me in the aisles if you see me! I'd love to chat with you... I'm a chataholic. For those of you staying home, I'm going to try to check in a bit, so don't worry! Later, friends!


Ravengirl said...

Keep the patchwork coming! I really love it! When I get my mojo or crafting spirit back, I am going to give it a try :) Enjoy CHA!