witticisms by Jess Witty

March 08, 2010


This is me trying to break out of my traditional, tried and true, comfy cozy, never fail layouts. Do you have those layouts? The ones you just seem to naturally gravitate towards? I do. I love them. They're always there for me. They always work. They are my old friends. But I'm trying to make new friends.
The thing about friends is that they usually grow on you over time.
So I'm trying to remember that making a new layout an old friend means spending time together. These little lacelets are the leftovers from my Stamp It! 3 Ways card where I made the lace into banners. Even as I snipped them off the other card I was trying to figure out what their new life would look like on this card. Have you made any new layout friends lately? Today could be the day! Leave a comment with a link to your 10 minute card and I'll drop by and see it. Later, friends!


Broni said...

I definitely think this new friend should stick around for a while! I love it!!

Linda Beeson said...

Now that is just plain CUTE!