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March 12, 2010

Love is a Journey...

It's already March. It's pracitically mid-March How did that happen? I have no idea. It still feels like 2009 to me. Anyone else? So I realized today that I never showed any of my cards from the Jan/Feb issue of Paper Crafts. Yeaaaaah... the issue that has come and gone and that has already been replaced by the March/April issue. Geez. Bad Jess.

This was a fun one.

I don't often go for really "scrappy" things, but I knew that these clear frames (from Little Yellow Bicycle) could be transformed into cards. The key is to just score them really well (I use a ScorPal) and then use the bone folder to really make sure the transparency is folded well.

I love using clear things. Makes for such a fun little challenge of layering... some things inside... some things out.

One thing I've learned when using more scrappy style stickers on cards... diss the fear and just cut those little suckers up. They fit where you want them and still say the same thing.

I'm in for a weekend of making... working on some things for the Paper Crafts September/October issue. Trying something new... I have a sneaking suspicion that it does and I'm pretty excited about it.

I also need to face the reality that there needs to be some packing going on around here. This will rate it's own post soon, but it looks like we're moving.

And by "looks like" I mean "we definitely are."

And that is kinda scary to me! 9 years, 3 kids... you do the math. There's a lot of stuff involoved. I think that means a lot of packing.

Wish me luck. And persistance.

Later, friends!


Lillian Child said...

Very clever idea and the card turned out stunning. Good luck with the packing/move. My advise would be to purge as much as you can BEFORE the move. We moved into our new home almost four years ago and I still have a basement room full of boxes of "stuff" that I thought I needed, but guess I really didn't since it still sitting in boxes, which means I packed and moved that stuff (twice) for no reason. BEST of luck on the new adventure!