witticisms by Jess Witty

March 10, 2010

That Much Brighter...

I hope you like this one. I do. Crafting is funny. Sometimes you have a vision, and you work it out on paper, and it comes out looking nothing like you thought it would. And that's ok. Even great, sometimes. But other times you have a vision, and you work it out on paper, and it comes out looking like you thought it would. And you love it. I love when that happens. This is one of my favorite cards as of late.
I don't know precisely why.
It just feels like me right now.
My favorite stamps for the moment and some of my favorite papers. The gold birdies are a bit of a departure for me, but I love them.
{Here's a little bonus close up of how to do the box pleats, just in case you haven't done them before...}
And... a special birthday wish for one of my sweetest friends... Happy Birthday, Betsy!
I'll just tell you... I know you may not know her in real life, but she is *awesome*.
The kind of person that you meet, share a room with for 3 days (Paper Crafts meeting), and leave feeling like you could tell her anything.
Such a sweet, good hearthearted spirit.
She is also infamous for being able to throw a super good zinger in there just when you least expect it.
Love her.
I know she'd love it if you visited her today and left her a little birthday wish.
Because doesn't everyone love to feel loved on their birthday?
Happy Wednesday, friends...


itsallrosi said...

I might be casing this in the very near future. Love it!

Courtney Baker said...

Oh I love this one too. So many fun details!

And I do love when my ideas come out on paper. I like to just enjoy the moment when it's complete. It's kind of like I won (even though that's silly).

Lisa H. said...

WELL, I love this card too! it is fabulous, I'm loving the green stitching.