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November 10, 2010

Post Halloween Wrap-Up

Here we are, in all our Peter Pan glory. Eli as Peter Pan, Noelle as Tinkerbell, Brian as Hook, yours truly as Wendy, and Zeke as Tick Tock the hand-eating crocodile. For the record, yes, my husband is a good sport. Also for the record, yes, it's been pointed out that Hook did not actually wear an eye patch. Altogether my fault but I have to say, no one pointed that out while he was in the costume, so I consider it a success. He was also pretty much the hit of our church's Fall Festival, so I didn't hear any complaining. Except about the hair. Apparently

long hair + wind + 1 hand occupied by a sword + 1 hand occupied by a hook Complications

And this is what the aftermath of Halloween looks like at the Witty house. Or, more specifically, the Witty kitchen. Things to note: 1. Yes, Zeke is dressed as Woody. And he refused to take those pajamas off all day. And I'd be lying if I said that was the first time he's been in them all day. {If you'd like to buy pajamas which your child refuses to take off, they come in a set with both Woody and Buzz. And they are even cuter if you buy one for each kid and let one be Woody and one be Buzz. I ordered them from Target, but now WalMart also has them. I also saw them sold separately at WalMart last week.} 2. Yes, Noelle is perched on the counter without me there holding her. Yes, that's probably unsafe. But she survived, so give me a little grace on that one. I did try to stress to Eli the importance of holding her. Obviously, he is making a supreme effort in that area. 3. Yes, that is a LOT of candy. I've allowed the kids to eat all of it. Kidding. We're actually very strict about sugar on a daily basis {my kids think Honey Nut Cheerios is a huge treat compared to regular Cheerios} so I forced myself to relax and let them eat 2 pieces a day. I've also talked up the gingerbread house idea {where we take out a bunch of the candy to decorate houses with} and let me tell you, that's a winner. They've already pulled a bunch out to use for houses so I'll probably leave the jars out a few more days then "put them away for later." 4. Why, yes, I'm totally looking forward to taking our annual family Christmas card picture. I mean, that's totally going to go smoothly, don't you think?


Carol Metully said...

Oh my, but those boys look like they are having a ton of fun!! I used to do the same thing with the candy...much to my kids' dismay!! But they lived through it to the same with their children. Love it when it happens that way!

Winter said...

LOL! I love the explanation of Noel on the counter! :) Cute costumes! My kids were Tinkerbell and Peter Pan one year too! :)