witticisms by Jess Witty

December 05, 2010


Hey, look... a Christmas card with {almost} no Christmas supplies.

I had to throw the stamp in there. It's one of my faves. I mean... come on... I have a kiddo named Noelle... I'm entitled. But even the stamp comes from a general occasion set {Daily Designs}, not a holiday set. I love things I can get lots of different uses out of. Don't you? Exhibit A: the glassine bag If you don't keep these on hand, seriously, you should. I use them for everything. Envelopes. Food packaging. Gifts. Mini books. Layering. Pockets. I could go on and on. This bag leftover is actually the side and the closed end of the bag. The shorter edge is on the inside so that the gift card slips behind the taller side. And to hide the not-so-pretty gift card, I made a little cardlet for it. I folded a piece of patterned paper in half and punched out the label so that it opens along the fold. I adhered one side behind the gift card and one side on the front of the little card cover so that when you open it up, ta-da! gift card. Easy as pie. {Except why do people say that when we all know pie ain't easy?} I slipped the little cardlet into it's little pocket and stamped the little sentiment. Be gentle when stamping... glassine bags are slippery little suckers. {Anyone else think of Julia Roberts shooting that snail across the dining room when they hear that phrase?} All righty. 2 Christmas cards done. This one probably took 15 instead of 10, but hey, I was close. Go me! And in my Christmas card defense, I've officially decided on a design. That's half the battle, right? Tell that to the 140 {undone, unwritten} cards that still need to be made :) The battle begins this week. I plan on dividing and conquering. {Come on... you know I love it.} {Joyeux Noel} card CS - Kraft PP - both old scraps... I don't remember the brands! Stamps - Daily Designs, Background Basics: Woodgrain Ink - Terra Cotta Tile Punch - Stampin' Up


Jessie said...

Very cute card! glad to see I am not the only one still working on cards! Have a great day!

FLEUR de Lo said...

I right there with you on the undone, unwritten. I'd almost thrown in the towel for this year but you've inspired me. Love the sneaky gift card idea, btw.

Amy s K. said...

Love the cardlet/label idea! And yes, deciding on a design is more than half the battle for me. Hope the battle goes well this week!