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December 14, 2011

Love & Marriage

Hello, again!

Back with more Papertrey Ink countdown goodies :)

We're bringing you a set by Nichole today... a set dedicated to all things lovely.
As in... love :)

Here's my take on the new Love & Marriage...

This idea started with a simple idea of combining Love & Marriage with the Heart Prints dies.  I had this image in my mind of embossing the large heart, then overlapping another embossed heart so that they were combined.

I liked the idea, but I couldn't get the execution to work.
{Tell me I'm not the only one who has that problem sometimes!}

But... that idea inspired this one :)

I used the same dies (the large heart die coordinates with the large heart image in this set, by the way, I just didn't use that image here) to cut three large hearts - one each from White, Raspberry Fizz, and Pure Poppy.  Here's what I started with, along with the die...

 I started by ovelarpping the red heart onto the white heart...

Right where the white and red hearts overlap is the section we want to fill with Raspberry Fizz, so I just took the already cut Raspberry Fizz heart, added a tiny bit of removable adhesive to the front, then line up the heart like so...

One more run through the Big Shot and I had the perfectly perfect shape to put in the center section.

Now, obviously... you could just use one heart to trace the appropriate Raspberry Fizz section to cut out and add to the embellishment.  I was pretty set on using the die, though, since I wanted the new section to have those pretty smooth edges just like the first two hearts.

I love how it really emphasizes the idea of two hearts as one :)
Although I was envisioning this card as an anniversary card, the same idea could be used for lots of love occasions.

I am so totally into the sentiments in this set... the fonts are just beautiful, right? 
Therefore, I had to use more than one :) 

I choose a few (or 5) that would emphasize the anniversary theme and left out the ones that were more wedding-ish.  They fit together easily.

I added the red accents to keep the color going and the eye moving throughout the bottom of the card.  Seriously, I could use that tiny felt heart die cut on so. many. things.
And I do :)
{It's from the butterfly die in the Love Lives Here die collection.  You're welcome :) }

And now... here's your chance to check out what the rest of the team has come up with for Love & Marriage.  Can't wait to see their lovely projects myself!

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{You & Me} card
Supplies not available at this time, but available beginning 12/15:
Love & Marriage stamp set


Jennifer K said...

Oh my gosh, I love how you combined the hearts. Just genius. Now I'm going to have to not only get Love & Marriage, but the Heart Prints dies and the Love Lives Here dies. Oh the sacrifices I make...:)

Suzanne Russell said...

Brilliant! Love the two become one idea here and the colors are simply perfect! You're right about the sentiments, the font is gorgeous. I love the way you grouped them together. White embossing on soft stone is so pretty! There is nothing about this card that i don't like, Jessica. Thanks for the inspiration...again!

June K said...

Such a CAS card that is so beautiful. I love the two hearts become one. Thanks for sharing the tip (and I actually already own the heart dies).

Unknown said...

Well, shut the front door! This is GENIUS!!!! I love it!!

Donelda said...


Jill Norwood said...

truly wonderful! Love what you did with the hearts becoming one! Inspired!!! And I adore the tiny heart in felt too! It is just too cute and sweet and soft!

Holly Saveur said...

STUNNING what a super great idea..love it!

Anonymous said...

OH.MY.GOSH. This is an absolutely gorgeous card! I love every little thing about it. You are amazing.

Kathy McDonald

Tracey McNeely said...

Totally creative! Awesome. I run into my share of ideas that don't execute as I wish. This is a perfect execution. Thanks for the great idea and inspiration.

Gabby said...

Pretty card! Neat way to layer the hearts. :)

Wendy Hammer (Reed) said...

Totally love that card! AMAZEBALLS and way creative!

african girl said...

What a nice cards! How I wish I could also make something like this. It's indeed one of the creative cards I've ever seen.