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June 14, 2012

Desktop File: Inspiration

It's countdown time for Papertrey Ink]
And, today, the party continues :)

We're focusing on a super new, super cool set that's specifically for YOU... the paper crafter.  Keep on reading as we dive into Desktop File: Inspiration :)

I love organizing. the idea of organizing.
I love pinning all of those brilliant organizational ideas that all of you guys have.
I love the Container Store and all of the containers in it.

And I'm sure that someday all of this love will pay off and I'll become a person who's actually good at being organized :)

The issue for me is that my perfectionism tends to rear it's ugly multiple-heads when organizing.
Anyone else have this issue?
Ya know... where you spend more time organizing your stuff than actually using whatever it is you've just organized.
That would be me :)

Today's project is actually a bit of a challenge to myself.  Each DT member has used the new Desktop File: Inspriation set to create our own little storage system... for ideas :)

The challenge to myself was to set this project up in such a way that I wouldn't spend too long on the details and it would be super simple to keep up.

So here it is... my super simple Inspiration File...

I started with a super simple container.  I like the rest of the crafty world, love those little ceramic berry baskets from Anthropologie.  However, I also love that Target totally ripped off was inspired by that idea to come out with similar berry baskets in plastic.  They come in a set of two (1 larger, 1 smaller) for 5 buckeroos.  The larger basket is perfect for these Rolodex style cards. 

In the spirit of keeping things simple, I went with only three sections.  I used the new Desktop File dies to cut three pieces of thin chipboard and three papers from PTI's pattern paper for the dividers. 

Each chipboard card got a little patterned paper cover for fun :)  I added a Parisian Lace doily to the front of each one - I only embellished the first card with buttons.  I didn't want the bulky buttons to interfere with my cards later on, so I just kept the other two cards flat.

Here's a peek in the Color Combo section...

Hmmm... me thinks you'll be seeing that combo on a card tomorrow :)

The idea here is that the cards in this section are all stamped with the color combo stamp from Desktop File: Inspiration.  I used Spring Rain ink... mailly because that color reminds me of graph paper, haha!

I started by filling some of the color combo cards out from the cards I made from this release...with a few Copics and writing in the names of the colors.  Super simple and definitely something I can keep up with.

The next section is for ideas of all kinds.  I used the larger lined image to create a space to write everything down... still super

And here's the last section...

I stamped some cards with a vertical image and some with a horizontal image.  I added the "design notes" image so that I can make notes about the sketch as I need to.

This is probably my favorite part of this little project.  I *love* the idea that all of my sketch ideas will be in one place instead of scattered on various pieces of scrap paper, etc. 

I started this section up by looking at the release cards I had already finished and simply making a sketch out of each card.

I love that this will be ready and waiting for me the next time I need a good shot of inspiration...

I'm already thinking that this set will be perfect for making my own little Inspiration-File-On-The-Go... some sort of small notebook to keep in my purse and jot some thoughts down when I am {inevitably} out at Target, etc. :)

There's more inspiring craft organization for you right here...
Nichole Heady

That'll do it for today, but tomorrow will come quickly :)
See ya then!

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Pat said...

I agree with you- I love the idea of being organized, but it all seems so daunting! I do like your simple approach- thanks for sharing!

Deb Walker Deb Stamps Life, LLC said...

I love your idea of making a little sudden inspiration notebook for when you're out and about...would be easier/more beautiful than my random sketches and notes on the backs of whatever's in my purse:)

Sue in Grapevine said...

Love this. Where in Target did you find the berry baskets?

Chris said...

Love all the different containers you all are using.

conil said...

I'm embarrassed to say, I too am a organization NUT (?). But I think you came up with a very clever idea. Kudos.

Maryleva said...

Love your embellishments. I love this idea.

jintyoo7 said...

So pretty, I would love to be organized like this - the trouble is, I am such a procrastinator :(

bjmartin said...

I too, love the idea of organizing - not so good at it! Perhaps this is the perfect system!