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September 14, 2012

Quick Favors & Wraps

Quick and easy... gets me every time :)

But this one?

Takes quick and easy to a whole new level, folks.

It's release week at Papertrey Ink and the design team is bringing you a boatload of brand spankin new products.  And today's features?

All quick and easy, all the time :)

Let's kick things off with the new Tissue Paper Favors #1 die...

I'd write out these long-winded, million word directions for you but I can't.
Because it pretty much goes something like this...

Fold tissue paper into fourths.
Die cut.
Insert favor.

Tutorial in eleven words.
Not bad ;)
And not to worry... Nichole's got lots of pics for you visual learners.

For some extra fluff, I used three layers total... white tissue, striped tissue, and another white tissue layer.  I pulled all the tissue out of my Christmas wrap box and I'm thinking that my grand total for this wrapping would come in at about a few pennies.  Can't beat that with a stick ;)

I added a little tag made with the new Happiest of Holidays set.  I masked the image and trimmed the banner portion out so I could add it to a craft stick.

Obviously, my favor of choice here are Take 5.  {If you've never had one... do it.  DO IT.  I know my coach at the gym is probably reading this and yet I still say DO IT. Cheat day, come quick.}

My second little treat for today features a mystery supply.
Can you figure it out?

Hmmm... we'll get to that riddle in a minute.

Let's start with the outside, shall we?
Loving that striped tag image from the new Do Me a Favor set. I punched a hole in the top so I could tie it around that cutie pie pillow box. 

And speaking of pillow box, that would be the new Essential Pillow Box die.
Totally handy. 
Expecially when you combine it with the things you already have.

For example...

Raided the old kiddo bookshelf for that one.  Monday will be our first day of school for the new year so I thought I'd make a little something special for my special students.  And what kid doesn't love a good 'ol "What's Wrong With This Picture?" picture from Highlights magazine? 

I just ripped the back page right off the Highlights.  The front and back covers are a bit thicker plus nice and shiny... perfect pillow box material ;)

And come on... aren't those the cutest darned mini cookies you've ever seen?! 

Gotta give WalMart the credit on that one ;)  The idea here is that the box is *part* of the favor... first they'll open it up to retrieve those cookies, then I totally know they'll get right to examining the pillow box for all those silly pictures. 

I gotta say... I'm into this idea!  I started brainstorming all the slightly off-beat items that might work well with this die.  How about...
  • Pottery Barn/Ikea/Martha Stewart cover for your friend who's into home decorating?
  • Box from a favorite cereal or snack?  {I almost went with a cheerios box here... there are LOTS of packaging graphics that would look fantastic. Definitely doing one to put in a Christmas stocking out of a Lego set box.}
  • Paper Crafts mag for all those paper crafty friends?
  • A picture of the recipient? If you don't have a larger pic, you could even print one out on cardstock.
The ideas go on and on.

As a matter of fact, there's 9 more Essential Pillow box ideas right here...
Nichole Heady
Cristina Kowalczyk
Erin Lincoln

Soooo... give it to me straight, folks. 
What do you think??

I'll see you tomorrow.  Two more September release posts to come ;)
Later, friends...

{Peace Love & Joy} favor
Supplies not available now but available 9/15: 
Stamps - Happiest of Holidays
Die - Tissue Paper Favors #1
Supplies available now:
Ink - Dark Chocolate
Other - Button twine, tissue paper, craft stick
{A Little Something} favor
Supplies not available now but available 9/15: 
Stamps - Do Me a Favor Tags
Die - Essential Pillow Box
Supplies available now:
Ink - Summer Sunrise, Aqua Mist
Other - Orange Zest ribbon, magazine cover


Leigh Penner said...

Oh, Jess, you are so creative! I love the idea of making the favor box from recycled items (magazine covers, snack boxes, etc.)!

jan metcalf said...

Great ideas!! The kids will love the Highlight boxes and cookies! Go green!

Rhonda said...

I LOVE the way your brain works Jess! Great projects. Love the different paper ideas.

richardbreaks said...

These are AWESOME ideas for that pillow box! LURVE!!

Denise E said...

OK, between you & Betsy...I just want a single little ounce, just one, of your creative brain! That pillow box is one of the most brilliant ideas I've seen ever! Do you know how many stacks of those magazines that I currently have laying around that I always think "What do I do with those? Can't throw them away...they cost too much!" So, THANK YOU! The pillow box die will now be my new recycling tool! =o) You're awesome!

Susan Gosman said...

Great Idea - Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

When my family asks why are we on noodles from today until next payckeck day my answer will be "ask Jessica". Enough said ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the "A Little Somthing" Pillow Box, so creative and colorful!

Mary Lou Kemp said...

The whole design team for PTI are just so smart and creative. My mind is in a whirl with all the new ideas and your recycle idea using the pillow box die is brilliant.

conil said...

Those are cookies? So cute they make my teeth itch. Really adorable wrappings for everything. Kudos.

Helen L said...

LOVE your idea of using the magazine cover for the box, and your other ideas for "boxing around". :-)