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December 13, 2012

Embroidered Blooms

Happy, happy, happy December!

It's happy time around here... time to roll out December's Papertrey Ink release :)
As tradition holds, we're bringing you a big ol' design team group post to celebrate. {For all of this month's new products, head on over to Papertrey Ink on December 15th.}

Today's post brings you projects featuring an all new set... Embroidered Blooms.

It sounds like such a pretty, feminine set, doesn't it?
And it so is.

But, seriously... all I could think when I spotted that "happy" sentiment was Duck Dynasty.

I know some of you are all, "Um... huh...?"
So let me just tell you... it's practically the greatest television show of all time.
Or at least my husband thinks so ;)
And, I can admit it... it's awesome.

I mean, if you love Downton Abbey then... wait.
Scratch that.
Bad example.
Duck Dynasty is pretty much like the anti-Downton Abbey.
In a good way ;)
{And I love both, so no hating here.}
So the deal with the guys of Duck Dynasty is that they make duck calls for a living so, obviously, they're *totally* into hunting.  Of all kinds. Including things like squirrels.  And frogs. 
The patriarch of the family is known for his use of the phrase "Happy, happy, happy."
And thus... these cards were born :)
I went for simple and masculine... basically going for something that my husband would appreciate receiving.

I started off with the repeated sentiment (Limeade Ice, Simply Chartreuse, and Ripe Avocado) and added the deer image from In the Meadow.  A little In the Meadow die cut grounds the deer with a place to stand. 

For card #2 I traded the deer for a duck image (from On the Farm) and added my own version of camouflage.  I flipped over a few of the Embroidered Blooms images (the smaller leaf images) and used the reverse side to stamp with.  
My goal was to just keep the spacing between the images somewhat uniform. I'm pretty happy with how my first attempt at camouflage turned out!

In my third card, I added a squirrel image (also from In the Meadow).  The Embroidered Blooms leaves soften the edge. 

The leaves and flowers in this set are separated into 2 or 3 parts so that you can mix up the colors between stamps.  I kept the colors of the leaves consistent with the variation of the colors in the sentiments... Simply Chartreuse and Limeade Ice on the upper leaves, Ripe Avocado and Simply Chartreuse on the lower leaves.

I like how repeating the colors kind of ties all the elements together.

I have to say... I really did enjoy taking this set in a bit of an off direction!  Always good to remember that these sets are meant for YOU to make them YOURS... anything goes.  Feminine sets don't have to stay that way.  Holiday sets don't have to stay that way.  You get the idea.
They're YOURS.
The design team's interpretation is just a starting point.
Stretch them out. Don't be afraid to make them work for you.
And now, for a different take...

Embroidered Blooms meets Ribbons & Bows.

I kept with a modern feel on this one... pairing one of those bold sentiments that I love from Embroidered Blooms with one of the delicate Ribbons & Bows images.

A little shadowing technique (definitely thinking Betsy's Make it Monday video inspired the shadowing!) on the sentiment adds some depth.  I used Soft Stone to stamp the sentiment the first time and stamped right over that with Smokey Shadow ink.

I mixed up the metallics on this one, using gold embossing powder on the ribbon and a little silver circle for the accent.  I know some of you think mixing metallics is a no-no, but no :)
Give it a shot.  Definitely a modern twist.

There you have it... my takes on Embroidered Blooms.  Check out what the rest of the team has come up with right here...
Nichole Heady
Cristina Kowalczyk
Erin Lincoln

All righty, folks... I'll be back tomorrow with more!
Until then, have a happy, happy, happy day :)

{Happy Happy Happy} cards
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Stamps - Embroidered Blooms
Supplies available now:
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Ink - Limeade Ice, Simply Chartreuse, Ripe Avocado, Dark Chocolate
Die - In the Meadow

{Elegant Thanks} card
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Stamps - Embroidered Blooms
Supplies available now:
CS - White
PP - Recollections (glitter paper)
Ink - Smokey Shadow, Soft Stone, VersaMark
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Unknown said...

That is awesome! I don't watch Duck Dynasty, but I love how you found a way to make it translate. So clever! I've also heard mixing metals is 'in' you've done it beautifully :). Thanks for sharing!

Hollie Shepard said...

My husband would love the Happy, happy, happy cards!

andie smith. said...

wooo hooo...we love duck dynasty at my house too! they have marathons on a&e on friday night LOL! not that i know or anything...

your cards are so much fun, and you are right, they can stretch so much further than what you first see! great interpretation!

Lani said...

Love your take on the new sets. Bravo!

Linda Nicholson said...

I too am a fan of both shows! I love what you did with the set. You're always thinking outside the box and that is what I admire about you!


Leigh Penner said...

I'm going to have to show your post to my family, Jess, because they LOVE Duck Dynasty (they insisted it be included in our Christmas newsletter list of favourite TV shows for 2012!) Great cards... I have to admit, I am liking the images in this set, but I'm loving the fonts for the sentiments!

Rhonda said...

You Quack my up Jess!!! Love the camo and everything about them.

Debbie said...

Your cards are awesome! And now I guess I need to look up Duck Dynasty :-)

Amy Rohl said...

Oh my gosh, Jess Witty, you've got me hook, line and sinker! My college age DD loves Duck Dynasty and keeps bugging me to start watching it...think I'm gonna have to now...and recreate this awesome set of cards!


Elizabeth S. said...

Such fun cards! I love how you showed a masculine card can be made with tis set.

Mary Lou Kemp said...

Simple but beautiful and fun cards.

Quilter422 said...

my DH absolutely loves duck dynasty, and has Phil saying "happy happy happy" as his ringtone. i will so totally be CASEing these cards for him! thanks for the great inspiration!

Holly Saveur said...

Super cards!

conil said...

I covet your sense of white space and color. Just love your style.These masculine cards are awesome. And the mixed metallics on the ribbon card are very sleek and contemporary. Wow.

Gina said...

OMGosh! We *love* Duck Dynasty!!! And that they are only 3 hours from my house...my kids ask to go on a field trip all the time. LOL I. Love. these. Cards. Love them! What a great idea! And, the style and layout of the cards is GREAT as well. You rocked it, girl!

Tere Azua said...


Tanja said...

Lovely cards Jess - such a different take on these stamps. I love the bold sentiments in the first three, and also the gold embossing in the last card. The Duck Dynsasty sounds funny, I must keep an eye out for it in Australia, I think my son would like it too! I am a fan of Downton Abbey despite it's ridiculous plots!

Jas said...

Love the simplicity of your cards really showcased the stamps pretty well. Tfs hugs jas

Titta said...

I love your take on this stamp set, and your cards are awesome!

Suzanne Russell said...

Well, Jess, you knocked all the release projects off the board with the Duck Dynasty post! You are truly amazing. Then to shift into the mixed metals with Ribbons and Bows blew me away all over again. I love your style. Merry Christmas. : )

Meredith MacRitchie said...

Okay, but did you see Miss Kay's Christmas decorations? And did you hear Phil? "Tacky tacky tacky"... quickly becoming a catch phrase in our house!

Okay, so I was laughing like crazy while reading your post leading up to your card... I didn't tell him anything, but showed hubby your card and said "What does that make you think of?" He figured it out right away!

Thanks for the chuckle, Jess!! :)

Marlena M. said...

I've just recently been introduced to Duck Dynasty~our family is a little hooked, but I wouldn't have admitted it. until. now.
Love your cards Jess~