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March 14, 2013

Birthday Style

Welcome back, folks!
It's release week here at Papertrey Ink and that means we're coming at you with another group post. 
And for today's post... let's focus on birthdays.
First up... a little {healthy} gift...

I know, I know.
I love the sweet stuff, too.

However... I also love all of this stuff.
Some of my daily favorites all bundled up and ready to hand off to my gym buddies and coaches.

Papertrey's new Get a Handle on It die does the trick :)
Sweet, right?

I doubled up on the dies here and combined Get a Handle on It with the previously released Movers & Shakers: Zipper dies.  This way, there's still something to "open" even if the gift isn't wrapped.  Here's how...

In order to add the zipper without cutting off the bottom of the die, I took my handle die cut, placed it within the zipper die (I used the longer zipper die), and made sure to position the die on the platform so that everything underneath the zipper edge is hanging off the edge of the cutting platform and plates.

A little washi tape holds everything in just the right place.
Here I've added the second plate on top, also lining it up at the edge of the cutting platform...

Basically, you're just positioning everything that way so that you're die cutting the zipper only and not allowing the rest of the die the pressure it needs to cut through the cardstock.

Next up... assembling the gift.

My goal was to come up with something inexpensive that I could keep multiples of on hand to give to my gym friends and coaches when their birthdays come up.  I picked healthy items that I love and that come in multiples... oatmeal, workout booster, emergen-c (joint health since 3 of our workouts a week are kickboxing), and a few bags of my favorite tea. 

I opened the die cut up and secured everything inside with some washi tape.  A little Scortape at the top glues the handles together.

I knew I wanted to make a card to go along with the gift packet so both parts have elements from the new Birthday Style and To You From Me sets.
A little masking on the Birthday Style sentiment gave me the arrow image which fits *perfectly* on the zipper... couldn't resist adding the little Movers & Shakers Sentiment image there at the end, too :)

The to/from and chevron details are from To You From Me and so is the banner image on the card...

I just had to make that little chevron into an arrow to match the wrap.  That arrow is actually three images put together... the chevron and arrow image from To You From Me and the balloon string image from Birthday Style.

 I added a small piece of washi tape to the banner image before I stamped the balloon string across... when I pulled the washi off, it looks like the arrow is going through the banner.  That's my favorite part ;)
One other trick... the banner image is easily masked off so that you can stamp it in two different parts.  I stamped the upper part first, then stammped the sentiment, then stamped the bottom portion of the banner.  Super easy for it to accommodate lots of sentiments and images that way.  Love images like that :)
I'm sure the rest of the design team has come up with their own tips and tricks for Birthday Style, To You From Me, and the Get a Handle on It dies.  Check 'em out...
Nichole Heady
Betsy Veldman

Well, friends... you know what's next...
back tomorrow with a big ol' release-in-review post :)

{Birthday Wishes} card & wrap
Supplies not available now but available 3/15: 
Stamps - Brithday Style, To You From Me
Die - Get a Handle On It
Supplies available now:
Stamps - Movers & Shakers Sentiments
CS - Kraft, White
Ink - Dark Chocolate, Pure Poppy, Gold (ColorBox)
Die - Movers & Shakers: Zippers
Other - washi tape (Michael's)


Jennifer K said...

What an awesome idea! Love combining the zipper with the new Get a Handle On It die. Who wouldn't love to receive something fun like this?! Love your creativity.

conil said...

So clever...strokes of genius. Thanks for the tutorial and all the tips.

Anonymous said...

A-mazing! You are so talented, I love it, great job!

Karen (carefree creations) said...

You are so clever! I am loving the zipper with the handle!!

TLady said...

Jess, I JUST GOT the Zipper Die!!!!!!!!! :) It's SOOOO NEAT!!!!!!! :) (AND my son will LOVE IT when I send him cards/ATC's at College!) :)BUT, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE how you used this die with the NEW HANDLES DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A SUPER IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) PERFECT!!!!!!!! I KNOW ALL of your gym friends etc., will LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (AND on lookers will WANT TO BE your friend!!! ) :)

Tracey McNeely said...

This is so fantastic Jessica! However ever did you think of something so incredibly creative. Sold me on the new die and I have the zipper die. So many possibilities! Hugs.

Sam B said...

CLEVER are you!!! What a cool idea this is - and one I'm definitely 'borrowing' as soon as my order for all the new stuff arrives!!!

GinnaG's Paper Fun said...

Zipper is BRILLIANT!!!

Lisa Petrella said...

AWESOME giftie package and coordinating card!!! You always have such creative ideas!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this - so creative and cute! treasaknight@gmail.com

Unknown said...

What a fabulous idea using the zipper die with the handles. You are so creative & clever. Thanks so much.

Connie and Jack said...

Adding the zipper to your project was genius! I love it.
-- Connie C.

Melissa said...

These projects are super cute! I love how you added the zipper to the handle die. These new stamp sets look amazing!

jintyoo7 said...

Brilliant :)

Kathy H said...

The handles make such cute little gifts.