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December 16, 2009

You Make Me Smile...

Hey, there, friends! Hope you all enjoyed the Papertrey release! Fun stuff, huh? I've still got about a billion ideas rattling around in my head for December's release sets, so there are more projects to come with those, I promise. Just a quickie today... still recovering from a marathon week of crafting as well as trying to dig myself out from under the wee situation we like to call the Witty Family Christmas Card Sweatshop. I made great progress today, though, after a stern reprimand to my sewing machine involving the phrase "If you break that thread one more time, I'm gonna..." She was much more cooperative after that. Here's the cheerful little project that project that produced the stitched scrap from my last 10-Minute-Scrap-Pile-Challenge card...
I'm totally digging the yellow Prima. They come unglittered, in a package of 6, and I actually chose it with the ulterior motive of putting a few on some clippies for myself Noelle.
The supplies and instructions are all listed over at Emma's Paperie if you're interested.
This week has also brought about one very first tooth (Noelle) and one realization on the part of my 2 year old that he is, apparently, called to be... of all things... a nudist. Every time I turn around that kid is wandering around au naturel. Just in time for all of our Christmas visitors to get her. Sweet. Later, friends!


Winter said...

Beautiful! I really LOVE that mustard colored paper! I finally posted my card on your 10 min.scrap challenge, that was so fun! :)