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November 08, 2010

A Modern 10MSCP

Or, at least it feels modern to me. The whole embossed circles (kinda hard to see on the Soft Stone cardstock, but they're there) plus punched cardstock circles in a random formation plus black stamped sentiment seems modern to me.
The circles were already punched out and waiting for a a little scrap pile card since they are the leftovers from a recent project for Paper Crafts that I totally *love.*
I debated for a second or two about the stamp and tried to come up with a tiny "hi" stamp or a better way to do the sentiment.
Of course, the perfect sentiment idea came to me approximately 4 seconds after having stamped this one.
For the record, I'm thinking that using a super skinny sentiment, cutting it out like this, and putting it over the circles would have been brilliant.
But that's how it goes in 10MSPC land.


Glenda J said...

Brilliant! Love the bright colours.

cards and letters said...

Your blog is always a treat,
and 10MSPC is great inspiration.
Love it!

calamity jane said...

Love the sentiment just like it is! But I understand about the "finding the perfect thing" seconds after finishing a project. Happens to me a lot! Thanks for another inspiring 10MSCP

Amy Rohl said...

I think it's modern millie perfect...as is!

Smitha said...

Such a brilliant card Jessica!! Awesome simple lines :)

Am so glad I found your blog.. totally love it!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog today!