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December 15, 2011

December Release in Review!

Well, folks...
here it is...
the post with one meeeeelion pictures in it :)

I'll be sharing the last of my December release projects.
Excited, aren't ya?

So let's jump right in!
Starting with Tag-its #11...

I always love it when such little stamps can have such big impact :)  I started with that cute little open heart and then gave it a big ol' base by embossing the Parisian Lace die on the card base.  {I love how when it's embossed on white it totally emulates a doily but without the layer.}

ETA: I've had lots and lots of emails coming my way asking how to do this little magic embossing trick :) So here it is! Basically, you will use this die, or ANY die, exactly as you would use a PTI Impression Plate.  I use a Big Shot and this is the way that works best for me.  Starting from the bottom up:

Big Shot multi-purpose platform opened to Tab 1 
cutting plate
die, face up
tan & chocolate embossing mats
cutting plate

If you are using a Cuttlebug, start by using the die with the same sandwich you would use for an Impression Plate and you should get the embossed result from your die. 

Let me know if that helps!

I used a bit of the brand new Aqua Mist felt to add another heart in the middle... that anchors the little Tag-its sentiment while the open heart anchors the bigger Think Big Favorites #11 sentiment.

It's likely that I'll be stealing this layout for use on some more projects :)

Next up... Tremendous Treats: Valentine...

kind of a fun one :)

I really wanted to combine this set with the original smaller version so I thought I would play off of the large/small images by coming up with something with some quality of perspective.  So boats it is!

The smaller Tiny Treats boats appear to be further away in the background while the larger Tremendous Treat boat is much closer, and therefore larger, in the foreground. 

And lookie... I made one of the small boats face the opposite direction...

I wanted to add a bit of variety in the boats so I decided to mirror one of them. 

It's super simple.  Really all you need is a solid stamp large enough to stamp the image you want to mirror (in this case, the boat) onto.  When looking through my stamp drawer, the first one I came across that would work was the large bloom in the Christmas Poinsettia set.

Ink up the image you want to mirror, then stamp it directly on the solid stamp...

When you lift it up, the inked image should be left on the solid stamp and ready for you to stamp on your project.

Magic, right?

A few tips.  First off... this isn't a project for dawdling :)  Be quick about it and huff on the image to refresh it if needed. 

Also, you may want to experiment with the ink you use.  I used Memento ink for this project since I knew I'd be coloring the images with Copics. 

As for putting together the rest of the card, I used the large scallop border die as well as some scallop scissors to create the waves.  I wanted the waves to get smaller to keep with the perspective. 

The real key to this card is foam tape.
Lots and lots of foam tape...

And now, for another magic trick, I will transform the label from the new Happy Everything set into an acorn...


I'm here all night, folks.
Mostly cause I live here :)

Seriously, I saw that label and could not get the image of an acorn out of my mind.  So, I went directly to my dies and pillaged and plundered them until I came across a suitable acorn shape to go with the label.

And lo and behold... I found the *perfect* acorn die.
It generally goes by the name "Love Birds" but personally, that birdcage shape will now always be an acorn to me :)  I used the new Canyon Clay cardstock and man... LOVE.  It's the perfect pumpkin-y color I've been dreaming of.  {Now, if all I have to do is get Nicole to come out with a deep, summery yellow and my color dreams are complete.}  I added a little houndstooth for fun.

And the stem and leaves from Flower Fusion #11 just pushed the whole acorn theme over the top :)
I trimmed the stem off and stuck the leaves right on top. 

So, to recap, starting from the top of the acorn I used three dies...
1. the Flower Fusion stem die for the leaves
2. the Happy Everything label die for the acorn top (I trimmed it off just below the dotted line and then
    trimmed the curve down at the sides just a bit) and
3. the large Love Birds die for the body of the acorn.

A few buttons and a Flower Fusion #11 sentiment to finish it all off.
The quirkiness of it totally makes me happy :)

And now, for a very girly project...

I'm not gonna lie.  I kind of like the fact that my only daughter shares a birthday with my older son.  It means that I have to find a theme that will work for both... and that means we don't have to go all out girly.

But I know my day is coming.
It will be pink.
It will be princess-y.

So I'm breakin' myself in gently with this one.

Obviously, a fancy princess party calls for a fancy invitiation, so I used a copy weight shimmer paper that I had in my stash.  I stamped the images from the new Little Princess set in Black Memento ink... it turns a shimmery gray on the paper.  Some simple Copic action turned the castle into the Kingdom of Pink.

I borrowed the lines from the Gratitude Journal set and the little filigree border from Love & Marriage.  The lines are there so that the Royal Mother can fill them in with a few party details :)

And, since the invite would, theoretically, be going to a beautiful bevy of other little princesses, I thought it would be appropriate to wrap it up scroll-style and wrap it with a pretty bauble fit for a princess (i.e. costume jewelry that Mrs.Claus may or may not have poached from Noelle's Christmas stocking stash).

I'm thinking that any little princess would love to be handed an invitation like this, right??

Next up... Lock & Key...

I wanted to go in a more masculine direction with this, so I stuck with a simple design in neutrals plus a few pops of red.  The keys are all attached in a single die, so I just lined it up on the white layer and did a single pass in the Big Shot to get all the keys cut. 

Pretty sweet how it looks like I painstakingly lined all the those keys up, right?

I cut the single key out of Smokey Shadow then stamped it with True Black.  Some baker's twine and a little felt heart finish it off.

Totally love the look of a negative die cut :)

So much so that I used it on this card, too...

Get it?

Seriously, sometimes I make these things and when I'm all done I go... um... what if no one gets it?? 

I die cut the snowman on the front of a white card then added a layer of Aqua Mist cardstock to the inside and a layer of clear cardstock to the back of the card front.  That way, the Aqua Mist shows through but you still have the clear cardstock layer to attach the missing snowman's scarf to. 

I love this little one.  It's perfect to send off to a friend in the great snowy tundra of Denver :)

So there you have it.  My last PTI release projects for the year!  Time to finish up the Christmas shopping and have a little Christmas present wrapathon.

And, oh yeah, get started on those 140 Christmas cards.  Feeling a wee bit nervous about that one. 

In the meantime, though, there are lots of other projects to be seen today.  And I mean LOTS.  So check 'em all out...
Nichole Heady
Betsy Veldman
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Danielle Flanders

{XOXO} card
Available 12/15, 10pm EST - Tag-its #11, Think Big Favorites #11; Aqua Mist felt

{You Float My Boat} card
Available 12/15, 10pm EST - Tremendous Treats: Valentine

{Hello, Friend} card
Available 12/15, 10pm EST -Flower Fusion #11, Happy Everything stamps & die; Canyon Clay cardstock

{Princess Party} invite
Available 12/15, 10pm EST - Little Princess, Lock & Key
Other - copy weight shimmer paper (unknown)

{Key to My Heart} card
Available 12/15, 10pm EST -Lock & Key stamps & die

{Missing You} card
Available 12/15, 10pm EST -Made of Snow Mini stamps & die


Lindsey & Kurtis said...

Wow! I love every single thing about all of your cards. Seriously. They are amazing. And can I just tell you how much I love reading your posts? The perfect amount if inspiration/education (thanks for showing how you do things), creativity (I now have the urge to look through all of my dies again), and especially humor. Oh, how I love that I chuckle and smile so often when I read your posts. Thanks for starting my day of with such a happy note. :) -Lindsey

Lauren said...

Holy crap, Jessica!! Your post blew me away!! The acorn, the missing snowman, the mirror image boat and the embossed doily....all so clever and ADORABLE!!!! My favorite DT post today!!! Now your making me add the snowman die to my list. :)

Beth said...

love the simple way you created the key card! The hint of red REALLY pops!

Denise E said...

Thank you...no, seriously, thank you for making that acorn! You totally justified what I've thought...every. single. time I see that label I think of that acorn top! And, I can now know that I'm not certifiable...well, maybe still a little. =o) Anyway, your cards, by that I mean every one of them, all completely amazed me. I LOVE all the "negatives". And, yes, I get the snowman, and it's brilliant. Just wish I'd thought of it first! I may have to try that with my big snowman die from last month. =o) LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. Thank you so much for your continued inspiration and the joy you bring to my morning when I sit down to read your posts and laugh so much it hurts! Seriously, thank you...I need the laughter. =o) Merry Christmas and good luck with those 140 cards!

Artyjen said...

It's been lovely seeing all your creations in one place today....and love the new release time slot.....I'm in the UK so it suits me fine:)
xoxo Sioux

Cindy H. said...

OMGosh, what awesome cards!! They are out-of-the-box and fabulous! Love everyone of them :)

SugarGem said...

Brilliant and awesome!

Unknown said...

Wowzers, so many tricks u your sleeve! That snowman is genius! Love them all!

June K said...

OMG, you worked MAGIC all right! Absolute magic. I love your embossed doily... the acorn is genius...the invisible snowman OMG...and the keys are so elegant with the white, SS, black and red. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. So perfection really exists! I love each and every project to bits, Jessica. Your use of negatives from dies, the bright colors in every card, the perfect sentiment for the "missing" snowman. Wow, you left me speechless! Thank you so much for sharing your neverending creativity with us mortals :D
And good luck with all those Christmas cards! You can do it!

Sonia said...

the House.
Your Doily card is the BOMB.
Thanks a million, Jess :)

Anonymous said...

The only thing I like better than gorgeous cards is CLEVER cards. These projects are a solid home run, every one.

Holly Saveur said...

LOVE your cards all so super sweet and funny and gorgeous!

Ashley Cannon Newell said...

Woo Wee! Lots of good stuff over here! I love your out-of-the-box interpretations of the products. Your projects are awesome!

Suzanne Russell said...

You have been busy with your bag of tricks this time around! So clever. Your Lock and Key project is my favorite of all I have seen with that set. Really a stunner. The snowman negative is equally eye-catching! Great job, again-thanks for the continuing inspiration!

Larissa Heskett said...

You are HILL-AR-US as my 2 year old niece says!! =)
I REALLY ENJOY your posts and your CREATIVE spin on the products!!
THANKS for sharing and for being such a FREE SPIRIT!! =)
P.S. we can freght together about the x-mas cards not being done!! I have about 50 done and 125 to go!!
Oh well I know I'll get them done and if not some might just have to be New Years Cards!! =)

Smriti said...

Love all your cards! They're simply awesome! The snowman one takes the cake and I actually didn't get it till I read you wondering whether people will get it!:)

Lisa said...

Um, can I just say that snowman card is perfect? Love it!

Deirdre said...

pure genius - that snowman is just perfect. What a fantastic creation - in fact all of them are stunners.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Marlena M. said...

Wow!!! I love the missing you snowman-brilliant! The key card is so effective and the acorn is so cool. ;)

UCLAgirl said...

Your cards are GORGEOUS! I was wondering how you used the parisian lace doily to emboss instead of cut. It looks absolutely stunning!

Meghan Allen... said...

I love your designs! I plan to borrow (shamelessly steal) some of your ideas.

jintyoo7 said...

wow wow and wow!!!! Not only are your designs incredible, you are hilarious :D

Good Luck with the 140 cards!!!

Kelly S. said...

These are SUCH fantastic projects, Jess! You are so creative and your posts always make me laugh! My fave line? Mostly 'cause I live here. My fave project? NO WAY, I can't pick just one! So amazing all around!

Nata said...

I want to receive your cards. What is there not to love.

Kara said...

Fabulous projects! In love with the snowman and the boats!!! Happy new year!!!

Ted said...

Wow! To be visited by Jess Witty. What a way to kick off 2012! :) Thanks for that. I love that boat trio card, Jess! I have to remember to do waves like that. :) Happy 2012!

StampingBetty said...


Monica K. said...

I LOVE the sailboat perspective card. So awesome! The Tiny Treats fish also look cute mirrored too, you can make them kiss, literally. ;)

I did that in my card here: http://www.craftinginsunshine.com/2010/01/no-1-love.html. :)

pcm said...

Seriously? That snowman card? Not only do I get it, I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I'm missing something? How did you emboss that doily without cutting? What's the trick?

Elaine A said...

Jessica -

Thanks for posting the info on how to impress the Parisian Doily die. Really appreciate it - now have to go and try it - LOL!

Elaine Allen

Anonymous said...

Looking for memory box key die. I found them but cannot find the size that they are. Love your key card. Help! How do you know what size they are?