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February 10, 2012

Global Greetings & Background Basics: Medallions

Happy Friday, folks!

Even happier considering we're continuing on in Papertrey Ink's anniversary celebration with the first of February's countdown posts :)

My task?
To bring you 6 new PTI stamps!

Good thing 5 of them say the same thing, just in different languages :)

First up... all five Global Greetings sets.  Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, & German...

I have to say... I think all those cheerful little "hello's" look so cute together!  I added in a hello from Fillable Frames #1 for a little touch of English.

I really loved combining all the Global Greetings sets.  There's a variety of fonts within each set and they all work so well together.  {Great job, Lizzie!} I'm especially digging the "Ciao" and first "Hallo" fonts.  Can't you just picture lots more sets with those?? {Hint, hint, there, stamp designers!}

Not gonna lie... I also enjoyed taking my brand spankin' new Summer Sunrise & Spring Rain inks for a test drive on this card :)  Love & love.  I also busted out the new Aqua Mist Pattern Pack striped paper to pair with the Spiral Notebook die and give a little twist on the traditional notebook paper look. 

For my second project, I combined Global Greetings with the new Background Basics: Medallions set.  This started off as an inspiration from Pinterest...

Which turned into this...

Which doesn't actually resemble the inspiration much.

Here's the deal.
I had to stop making myself be exactly inspired by pinterest posts.  As in, stop making myself adhere to some made-up rule in my head about having to use all the colors in a post or make exactly the same shapes. 

My perfectionism rears its ugly head even when it comes to inspiration.
Totally working on getting over that.

Can anyone relate?  :)

So, yeah... I ended up leaving out the mustard and making a bigger deal of the pop of turquoise.
And I like it :)
{That's just a little "so, THERE" to myself :)  }

This is just one image from the Medallions set.  It's a little different than previous backgrounds in a few ways.  It's a bit longer so that it fits all the way across a standard A2 card and it comes with 2 long images and 2 mini images.  {Those little minis are totally great for spots where you just need a little something.}  I stamped one of the longer strips in metallic gold ink in keeping with the inspiration picture. 

I also tried to keep the eclectic feel by mixing things up with the buttons & brads.  I added a few special things here and there to keep it fresh.  The 5 brad is a little birthday homage to PTI :)

I clear embossed the new Think Big Favorites image and then added a little Global Greetings: French  for an extra touch.  I'm thinking that combining the Global Greetings images with matching English images from other sets is going to be such a sweet way to stamp cards for friends of varying family backgrounds or who speak multiple languages.  I'm half French, by the way.  No hablo, French, though :)

Speaking of Spanish, this card will soon be off to the saint who teaches Eli's Spanish class...

Lots of my favorites here :)  I totally, totally love the Medallions images stamped in white on clear cardstock.  It almost resembles lace to me somehow...?  This card shows how it looks when you use both of the background strips together.  I like to stamp the entire front with one strip, then go and fill in with the second strip.

I was torn with this one... I ended up loving the clear overlay so much that I wanted to try and keep it the focus of the card.  To make that happen, I went with a simply stamped card base of white cardstock with a variety of stamped circles floating up the side. {Anyone recognize the large circle as the plate image from Table Service??  I also grabbed some random circles from Daydreamer & Winter Cheer.}

It's pretty amazing to me how much the look of card changes when the overlay is added.  I love both looks; I just think the white on white in the finished card is super sweet and a fun way to add a different twist to clean and simple cards.

A little silk ribbon bow and a touch of vellum stamped with the sentiment keeps things simple and cute :)

Soooo... thoughts??
{I would ask you that in a different language but I have no idea how.  Obviously, those 4 years of Spanish are all failing me at the moment :)  In my defense, I would suggest that cramming the night before the test is never a good way to learn a language.  Start with the stamps.  At least then you'll know the basics, right?? }

Adios, amigas!

{Hello} card
Supplies not available now but available 2/15: 
Stamps - Global Greetings: Italian, Global Greetings: Spanish, Global Greetings: Dutch, Global Greetings: French, Global Greetings: German
Ink - Spring Rain, Summer Sunrise, Smokey Shadow
PP - Pattern Pack Paper in Aqua Mist Stripe
Supplies available now:
{Make a Wish} card
Supplies not available now but available 2/15: 
Stamps - Global Greetings: Global Greetings: French, Background Basics: Medallions
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Other supplies: flower brad (Dear Lizzie by American Crafts); Number brad (Girls' Paperie)

{Gracias!} card
Supplies not available now but available 2/15: 
Stamps - Global Greetings: Global Greetings: Spanish, Background Basics: Medallions
Ink - Summer Sunrise 
Other Supplies - Going Gray ink (Stampin' Up)
Supplies available now:


Cassi said...

AMAZING share today. it's hard to pick a favorite, but if i had to, i'd go with "Gracias." the use of stamped clear cardstock over stamped images creates a beautiful effect.

Melissa said...

Beautiful, Jess! I love your cards today and I'm so exicted about the new goodies this month!

One your last card (the clear overlay is amazing!!!)--from which set(s) do the circles that you stamped on the cardstock come?

Gabby said...

Great international word sets! Like the way you used them on your cards. Love the "Gracias" w/the overlay. What a HUGE difference. FTS that! :)

Unknown said...

Okay, so I loved your Pinterest inspiration and probably would have chosen the pink over purple, but that's because I totally do not like purple! But your card is rockin!! And that medallion card?! Are you kidding, it is amazing...either way!

Chris Simon said...

That clear overlay is absolutely fabulous! It's astounding how much dimension it adds to the card. I thought it was an impression plate at first glance!

Brenda Weaver said...

I love all your cards, but that last one made my jaw drop! Gorgeous!!!!

Jennifer K said...

Wonderful cards, Jess. The first one with the different languages is so happy and cheery - love that! And the clear cardstock on top of the stamped card is breathtaking - definitely my favorite of the bunch.

Unknown said...

You had me giggling through your post today. I too, took 4 years of Spanish and not much to show for it! To think in my Senior Year in HS, I could have a very BASIC conversation, but now?? mmmm... yeah. Beautiful projects you've shared today, and I am MUCH like you with the inspiration photos... I all TOO often am very rigid. BUT -- my absolute FAVORITE is the last card with that clear overlay... um, hello? Can we say, BRILLIANT?!?!?!?!?!?! How is that said in Spanish? lol Sorry for the novel, but BRAVO!

Scrappin4kim(Jennifer) said...

Wow, that Gracias card is an illusion, absolutely LOVE it!! So excited for the global sets!!

Cristina said...

That vellum card is out of this world! Holy bijanoly!

Rhonda said...

The Gracias card is over the top gorgeous Jess!

Jessica Wekenman said...

Oh, Jessica! I love all of your cards, but I am especially diggin' the Gracias card with the clear cs stamped with the Medallions in white! Simply Amazing!

Lizzie Jones said...

Your cards are all awesome! Thank you so much for giving Global Greetings such a wonderful first day!

Karen B said...

WOW! I always love your work, but today's Gracias card is beyond expectations! I love how you stamped on the clear cardstock and used it as an overlay! I have done this with velum, but it never occurred to me to use the clear cardstock in this fashion! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Lisa Johnson said...

You brilliant girl!

Tigriswillreign said...

I can relate to everything! I'm half-German with very little understanding of the language (despite classes and a trip to Germany). I also have to focus on relaxing when it comes to inspiration... I'm very literal.

Joyce said...

I love the card with the clear cardstock overlay. Can you please let us know how you adhered that clear overlay?

Nancy said...

Gracias a su tarjeta de Jessica es muy bonita. Translation: Jessica your Gracias card is very pretty. Haha I had to go on Google for a translation I only remember a few words from 8th grade Spanish. I took German in High School and wasn't very good at that either! Anyway love the Gracias Card!

cards by cara said...

Wow, c'est très jolie! Very pretty! I am so excited about the Global Greetings sets and can't wait to get some of them! And what a fabulous job on the overlay card - stunning! Can you share how you adhered it? I think I will start a post on the forum so you can share your clear cardstock wisdom with us over there! :)

NotSoccer Mom said...

wow! your gracias card is absolutely breathtaking. fabulous work! you are inspiring me...

elana k said...

Qué tarjetas fantásticas! I especially love the clear overlay with Medallions and am going to have to try it--pronto! :)

Sonia said...

Jess, you are my stamping and humorous blogger Queen!
I am loving your take on the new sets, and yes, my perfectionism rears it's ugly head EVERY time I step into the craft room :\
Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us mere mortals :D

Holly Saveur said...

Oh my that last card is so STUNNING what a super idea..LOVE IT!!!!!

Lorena Canto said...

Oh wow! There's nothing I don't love to bits in this post, Jessica! I would happily trade some of your amazong talent for unlimited Spanish lessons for you and your children. How does that sound? ;)
Have a fab weekend!

cjgusloff57 said...

Great cards....pretty colors too!

Lea L. said...

Wow...each of these cards is amazing! I adore them!! The colors are fab, as are the wonderful designs!

Helen L said...

WOW!! Loved both cards, and yes, it's good to not have to adhere to closely to your inspiration. That card turned out beautiful just as you did it!! And the "lace" overlay on the clear cardstock: brilliant!!! I'm going to have to invest in some of that clear CS and try that look: it's AMAZING!!! Thanks for such great inspiration!! You know, we "pin" from you wonderful designers!! Hugs and have a great weekend!!

Susan said...

Fantastic gracias card! The overlay is stunning and it took me a while to figure out exactly what you did!

Denise E said...

Jess, you totally crack me up! Thanks for the laugh today! Your cards are gorgeous. Love the fun way you put all the hellos on the first card. But, love, love, love, can I just say, I love that last clear overlay with the background stamps. It TOTALLY looks like lace! Wow. Amazing. Thanks again! Keep up the fabulousness! =o)

Robin said...

Love your clear cardstock card - yes, it looks exactly like lace! i had to stare at it for awhile to get the whole thing - way cool! Love you ideas - can tell this is a must have set already! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Vos cartes sont tres jolies! (Very
pretty). I especially love the card
for your son's Spanish teacher. It's
a real knockout.

Sherry in MI

Terri Trotter Earley said...

I had no idea where those circle were from, oh my amazing!!!

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Carmen said...

Where can I find the "Global spanish stamp" I have tried at PTI with no luck finding the stamp set