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February 09, 2012

Papertrey & Pinterest


It's like google for crafters :)

Papertrey Ink is bringing you more in the way of anniversary celebrations and today we're focusing on Pinterest! 

We know you're all there... we know that Pinterest is like the black hole of all creative inspiration these days... where crafters go and never leave :)

I personally think of Pinterest as the hub of online creativity. When I sit down to make something, I'm most often coming off of a completely different non-crafty task (i.e. something thoroughly exciting like picking up 873 Cheerios off of a bedroom floor). Hitting Pinterest is like the appetizer in the beginning of my crafty mealtime... it brings me back to my creative place and jump starts the process for me.

You can find PTI on Pinterest these days... pinning lots of PTI projects and inspiration from the design team.  And in honor of PTI's Pinterest boards, we're all bringing you a brand new project inspired by a Pinterest find. 

Here's mine...

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 Those sparkly sequins... makes me want to go out and buy a package in every color :)  I usually lean more toward the warm color spectrum when I'm designing.  When it comes to Roy G Biv I'll take Roy (red-orange-yellow) every time :)

But this one got me.
I started by pulling out some of the PTI blue/green spectrum cardstocks... Spring Rain, Aqua Mist, Hawaiian Shores, Ocean Tides, New Leaf, & Simply Chartruese.  I started by keeping with the theme of circles but, suffice it to say, that idea was an epic FAIL.  That's just the way it goes sometimes.

Moving on to idea #2...

I love the look of cardstock pieced strips.  They're super simple but give a lot of impact. 

I usually start by trimming a white cardstock strip as a base to adhere everything else to.  That gives me the basic idea for the height of the rest of the strips.  Just randomly cut a few strips of each color in random widths. I run a few lines of adhesive tape runner all the way down the strip so that I can just lay each colored strip down next to each other.

To bring in that shiny element from the sequins I added a line of clear embossing down the cardstock panel.  I just stamped the strip with VersaMark and the solid ribbon image from the golden oldie set, Faux Ribbon.  A little clear embossing powder on top brings the eye right to the sentiment {from the Half & Half set}.

Definitely fun to break out of my Roy rut and into the land of G Biv. 
Thanks, Pinterest.

Any Pinterest inspired projects from you these days?  Leave me a link so I can see!

{True Friends} card:


Kari D said...

Do you have a three ring binder filled with paper scraps sorted by color? I DO! THIS is the perfect look to help me USE those scraps (cause you know I could not just throw them away) and make something GORGEOUS! I LOVE this card! THANK YOU for sharing.

Holly Saveur said...

Great design very modern.

Marlena M. said...

I love the artsy layout here! Awesome use of strips, Jess.

Rachel said...

I just happened on your blog due to a pin on pinterest! Ironic. Here's my newest creation:


Kristin said...

Ha- google and the black hole...so true! :) Love your card! Friends and I have had Pinterest parties, I've done Pinterest weekends (meals, crafts, etc) for the family all from Pinterest. Fun!

FLEUR de Lo said...

I love the simple layout of this card. It would be so great for using up my millions of scraps that I have!