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February 05, 2012

Papertrey & My Favorite Things

It's February, folks.
And that means lots of good stuff is coming from Papertrey Ink :)

February brings Papertrey's big ol' anniversary celebration, and we're kicking things off today by bringing you our favorites from this year...
favorite products...
favorite projects...
favorite memories.

So, here are a few of my favorite things :)
My favorite products should come as no surprise.

If you don't have the items on this list, get 'em.
You'll love 'em. Promise.

I'll even put the links in for ya...
1. Background Basics: Houndstooth
2. Bells & Boughs stamps & dies
3. Parisian Lace die
4. Clear Cardstock
5. Filigree Clear Embossing Powder

Nichole also asked us to pick our favorite project from this year.
True to form, I picked, like... 49 or something :)

{It seems like all of you other on-top-of-it bloggers - obviously, I am not that - got around to a 2011 Review post, so we'll just consider this to be that.}

First up...

I think this one comes close to my truest design self at the moment.  Made it on the fly in just a few minutes.  In general, if it's a snap for me to put together, the design is better and I feel better about it. 

Lots of my favorite projects from this year were more involved,  like this one...

or this one...

Both totally inspired by PTI sets (Fruit Fusion and Garden Variety).

I love that about Papertrey. 
The designs just get me.

Sometimes the idea hits as soon as I look at the images that Nichole sends us of the new stamps for each month, as with the strawberry cookies.  Other times I'll go on a hunt for inspiration and find it in something to pair with the set, as with the chocolate mint cakes.

Sometimes inspiration comes from Nichole or the design team.  She suggested pairing Gratitude Journal with a rolodex and, man, that was it... I could just see it...

This project is definitely a personal favorite because of the post project story.  In December I spoke at a women's Christmas gala where I presented this project and two others as part of a talk about simple ways to honor your blessings.

There were 160 women there.
And 45 minutes for me to fill.
I was terrified.

I knew I would be but I knew I should accept the offer, anyway.
It totally fit in with my goal of trying new things... scary-to-me things... this past year.

From even simple things like fancy cookies to watercoloring {see below} that I normally wouldn't do because I would let my perfectionism crush my spirit.

In the end... it went really well :)
And I loved it.
Loved it.
And so I love that project :)

Along with this one...

Yeah... I had no idea how that would turn out.
But I did it.
And I liked it.
And I still use that $4.99 watercolor set.

Do you ever have that feeling after you've finished a project... that I-like-it-but-maybe-no-one-else-out-there-is-going-to-like-it feeling?  {Can anyone relate?}  One of my favorite favorite things about PTI is that, man, Nichole really does encourage us to try new things... to be creative... to do something super cool.  And it never fails... if I send my I'm-not-sure-about-this project off I'll get the most encouraging email from Nichole or comment from one of the design team girls back.  Lots of my favorite projects were like that.  I love the feeling that our little DT is rooting for each other :)

Some of my other favorites are similar to the first one up at the top... the ones that really feel the most like me & where I am right now. 

Here they are... just for kicks :)

There you go... lots of my PTI favorites for you today :)

Sooo... what are your favorites?
Do you have a favorite PTI product or project?

Leave me a link and I'll try swing by to take a look :)


Deirdre said...

Stunning creations - love all the different things you "tried out" this year. Congrats. Thanks for the inspiration and letting us know your top five faves.

Susan said...

HI Jess! I just love EVERYTHING I see on your blog! You give me so much creative inspiration - I love that you show that cards don't have to be complicated to look great! Keep up the good work! Susan :)

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Jess,
Happy anniversary! Your projects are always so beautiful and also original!! You always seen to find new techniques and ideas and I love that on your blog! I'm always curious to see what you have come up with! That card with the watercoloring and 'You color my world' is one of my all-time favrorites for sure!! With the last Blog hop I picked my own fave Pti card from last year and lifted that and that lift is now also on the top list, hi hi, You can see them both here: http://wbtenhove.blogspot.com/2012/01/papertrey-january-blog-hop-challenge.html
But there's soooo much from Papertrey that I love! What I love the most, if how everything matches, the paper, the inks, the ribbons, buttons and the gorgeous stamps with matching dies! Perfect!!! The new Rosie Posie set could become one of the best ever, I think! Love it!!
Thank you for all the inspiration and cheers for many, many more years!!

Hugs, Wendy

RedGem said...

I had forgotten about your watercolor card... when I saw it again it gave me such a smile and for that I thank you! I always love to see different colors together like that they always make me feel happy, like a brand new box of crayons! Tks for sharing them!

Holly Saveur said...

Gorgeous cards love that super cute owl bag!

Unknown said...

Jessica, you are so down-to-earth and friendly (well as much as I can know you in cyberspace!) I love that you shared how terrified you were to be in front of 160 ladies with 45 minutes to fill. That rolodex gratitude journal is one I am going to do, but my favorite of yours is the "you color my world" card. Oh that $4.99 watercolor set just seems like it should cost $499 with how beautifully you used it for this card. Gorgeous!

BeverlyBL said...

I always love what you do and enjoy your commentary so much. You seem like such a "real" person that I can imagine you as my friend. Thank you for all your inspiration.

Nancy said...

What amazing inspiration! All your projects are so unique and creative! Thank you for inspiring me!

Melissa said...

Your work is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your favs!

I made a card based off your project: http://melissaspaperie.blogspot.com/2012/02/happy-valentines-day.html

Can't wait to see what you'll make this month!

Chris said...

You cost me a lot of money:) I love what you do so I just have to buy the products you use. Your style is amazing and I am inspired by it over and over again.

Patty O'Malley said...

Enjoyed your post. Love PTI! I love what you did with the water colors. I can totally relate with you re making something but not knowing it it's good enough. I guess we are our own worst critics!

Ravengirl said...

I picked you to be inspired by (and of course, it wasn't the first time). I really admire your work! Thanks for today's post and all the work you do!

Laura.K said...

I am a big fun. I love your watercolours projects.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Jessica! I don't think I've done you justice, but I did choose you as my inspiration tonight. :-)

Lou Spiden said...

HI Jess,
Bit of a lurker here but popping in to share the love during PTI's Birthday month :) GOSH everything on your blog is eye-candy - I don't know how you could choose a favorite!


Kris said...

Jessica...just had to say how I loved your garden pot project. I had more fun making those little pots than most any craft project I've ever done. I had a little "just for fun" girl party and served up those pots with the most decadent fudge brownies (used the little 1-1/2" peat pots for bite size servings). Way fun and way cute. Love your ideas and your creativity. Love that you challenge yourself. Love that you learn from your challenges. Love your stuff!!!

Becky Green said...

LOVE the doily impression!!!!!!!!!!! :) And I can see WHY those things are your FAVORITES! NICE!!!!!!!!! :)

Kari D said...

Your projects ALWAYS inspire! Just love your blog....found it when you were the guest stamper at PTI and have stalked, er followed, you every since. BUT the strawberry cookie post? Seriously? OH MY GOODNESSES! I just LOVED each and very crumb! (and yes, you hooked me with the houndstooth background in yellow and grey. As someone else said, "you cost me a lot of money.") THANKS for your ability to inspire!

Lynne Phelps said...

I can't believe stone card stock with white embossing powder did not make the list, LOL!