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August 24, 2013

PTI Stampafaire... Rolled Dough Designs

Happy Stampafaire!
It's time for my first post and it's a doozy, folks. 
I'll be showing you some super simple Christmas ornaments and tags using some simple PTI die cuts and stamps, along with paperclay. 
Lots of pictures, for those of you who just like to see how things are done.
If you've ever rolled and cut out sugar cookies, you are overqualified for this tutorial :)
Here's what you'll need...

Paperclay (this is a very light, moldable, air dry clay made of paper)
Rolling pin
Cookie cutters (not mandatory, but helpful)
Anywhere hole punch (also not mandatory, but helpful)
PTI die cut (I used Parisian Lace)
PTI stamps (I used Bells & Boughs, Simple Alphabet, and Library Ledger Year Additions Mini)
wax paper

We're going to be following the same basic process for both the large ornament and smaller tags, so here we go!
  • First up... roll out your paperclay on some wax paper.  The paperclay is like regular clay in that it will pick up dust, etc, from whatever you roll it out on, so I just used the wax paper to keep things clean.
  • Lay the die cut over the clay and roll over it again with the rolling pin.  The goal is to impress the die cut into the clay a bit and get a nice, deep image.  I tried this process by just rubbing the die cut into the clay with my hands, and I was much happier with the impression when I used the rolling pin.


         Here's what it will look like...

  • Next, you'll want to choose the best area for cutting out.  Just use the cookie cutter as normal, leaving the cutter in place while you then pull the rest of the clay out from around it. 

  • Time to stamp!  You might want to practice on a few scraps of clay, but really, it's super simple.  You just want to find the right amount of pressure to use so that you get a clear image.  I had no trouble with the stamp sticking to clay, however, if that does happen, I would recommend inking it first with some VersaMark.

  • Go ahead and add a hole using an anywhere hole punch.  If you don't have one, a skewer, stick, needle, etc, will work just fine.  This way your ornament will have a spot for a hanger :)

  • That's really it!  Just leave your clay items out to dry for a day or so... mine dried even more quickly than that.  I did clean up the edges a bit by sliding a part of the ornament off the edge of my work table and smoothing the cut edge out.  That could also easily be done by sanding it a bit once it's dry. 

The best thing about this project is that at any point, if you don't like what's happened, you can just roll the clay back out and start all over again.  I so love that.  Pretty much fool proof, accident proof, etc.

I went ahead and painted my dried ornaments with a inexpensive pearl colored craft paint that I had on hand.   Gives it a little sparkle and finished it off a bit in my mind. 

I even made this one in preparation for a wedding this fall...

I thought it would be sweet to use it as a tag on the wedding gift, write a few words on the back in gold pen, and leave a note in the card that it's also a Christmas ornament to celebrate their first holiday together. 

I love dated ornaments :)

I choose one ornament a year to buy and save for my kiddos... the idea is that when they leave home - which, at this point, is never, because I'm not allowing it ;) -  I'll send them off with lots of special ornaments that they can fill their tree with.   I think I'll make some for them this year for a change.  Or, better yet... this project is definitely easy enough to do with the kiddos. 

This would also be a fantastic way to do some personalized baby/childhood ornaments with handprints... just use the alphabet stamps to personalize them.

Nichole has the list of all the other rolled dough projects today, so be sure to check in at her blog.  That's where you'll find the entire list of today's Stampafaire activities... there are *so* many things being baked up at PTI today :) 

Until later...


BeverlyBL said...

Love your ornaments. Like the idea of pearlized paint to finish them off. A drinking straw works great for the hole. I got some at Bed, Bath and Beyond that really have a big diameter for that kind of thing and punch them through a strawberry to take the top off. Also, if your kids end up like mine, you'll just be stuck with extra Christmas ornaments cause they didn't want them, too out of style, ugly, wrong colors, etc. Just sayin'. Hope you all are having a wonderful birthday weekend.

Kristie Goulet said...

I LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

StephH said...

Love this idea for wedding gifts and dated ornaments! Feeling so inspired! Thank you Jess!

Danielle Flanders said...

turned out gorgeous, Jess!

Candida said...

Beautiful, Jess! I just love doilies, and now even more to play with paper clay. Thanks!

Sue in Grapevine said...

So copying this!
I encourage you in your yearly ornament for the kids. I have done & continue to do this for mine (who are now 28 & 25, but don't do their own trees yet) -- they still love to put their ornaments on our tree & reminisce about each one. I have tried to find an ornament that reflects their interests or some big event that year -- that way their ornaments are a chronicle of their lives.

Deirdre said...

I want to make some decorations now even though I can't seem to locate air drying clay!!! Love them all Danielle :-)

conil said...

Love the pearl paint and the doily impression is brilliant. At some point in the future, I think your kids will treasure these.

Pat said...

Love the delicate look of the lace on the ornament. And I agree with Beverly. I have 4 kids- Multiply that by 1 to 2 Christmas ornaments per year for most of their childhood years- guess who's stuck with the collection?? yup, and I'm too sentimental to part with them!

Genevieve said...

Love love love the ornaments have a wedding in september will be doing one for sure

Anonymous said...

Jess, these are so lovely! I can't even think about Christmas right now, but I love the wedding tag idea. I agree about the fool proof. It eases my mind a little about trying something new - though I do make a mean sugar cookie, so maybe I have some experience after all... ;). I'm one of those people who like following along to pictures, so thanks for that! :)

Sheri E said...

These are beautiful! I have so many ideas going around in my head to try with this technique. My mom did the ornament thing also.

nancy said...

I had seen something similar on Etsy, but didn't buy it because I knew it was something that I could make. Thank you for showing me how. The ornaments are beautiful.

Bev Gerard * TexasGrammy said...

Well, for this person who has never been overly interested in clay art since my youth ... I am really liking this cool ornament idea a LOT! :)

Kathy H said...

What a nice tradition. I'm sure your kids will appreciate it every year when they look at the ornaments. This one is extra special!

Anonymous said...

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I wait from you some other great and creative post for Easter day. Thank you and have a good day.