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October 28, 2009

10 minute challenge

This is what happens when I only have 10 minutes to make a card. Here's the story. We have a new baby niece - yay! (Obviously, her name is Bryn.) I (being the most wonderful auntie that I am) went shopping for Baby Bryn and got her a few way cute outfits that I might possibly have bought 2 of so that when Bryn and Noelle are together at Christmas they will match. (It's sick, I know.) I got the way cute outfits together and went to make a tag so that I could send the said way cute outfits off with my hubby to Grandma's house (she was delivering them to Baby Bryn because Bryn lives far, far, way too far away). But then I was seized with this moment of "Seriously? Do you seriously think you can send these way cute outfits off without a way cute card?!" Obviously, the answer was NO. So, this is what happens when I only have 10 minutes to make a card. Yeah... I'd like to change a few things. Such as adding some ink to the edges of the letters to make them stand out a bit more instead of stitching them. And making the card a bit longer so the letters weren't so smushed. But, this is what happens when I only have 10 minutes to make a card. And, I'm pretty alright with this one. Anyone else have any 10 minute cards to share? I'm thinking about making it a regular thing here. I tend to spend an inordinate, blasphemous amount of time per card and I thought a regular 10 minute challenge might help me try to break that nasty little habit (or at least lessen it). Anyone feel my pain? Later, friends! {bryn} card Cardstock: Dark Chocolate (PTI) Stamps: Damask Designs (PTI) Ink: Chocolate Chip (SU) Letters: Making Memories Ribbon: Raspberry Fizz (PTI)


karisa said...

i think it's beautiful and i'm impressed you were able to add stitching in 10 minutes too. none of my 10 minute cards look like that - haha!

Brooke said...

Totally feeling your pain! I've been investigating selling my cards at markets and of course my hubby has to "help" with a "business plan". So, to actually make money my cards will be $50 each! Cause that's so gonna happen!! Needless to say I spend WAY too much time on one card. And lately, I've been spending the same ridiculous amount of time on tags, yes tags!! Scheesh.

Congrats on the arrival of your new niece. Aren't girls clothes so much more fun?!

AJ said...

i am in for a 10 minute challenge- that's my kind of time frame!
it's cute- i can't stitch in 10 minutes!!!!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

I'm so impressed you did it in 10 minutes. suuuuuuper cute!

Anonymous said...

10 minutes? My 10 minute cards never ever look that good.
Good stuff, Jess!


PS. I swear my computer (aka: Old Crusty) and your blog hate each other. I also leave a comment and then can't get the darn thing to go thru.

Janelle said...

Very cute card! Love the ruffled ribbon, love the stitched letters. I'm not sure that anything I threw together in 10 minutes could come close to matching that! Great just the way it is... Congrats on your new niece!