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January 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

...I'm enjoying it this week. Spending lots of time at home with the kiddos before I leave for CHA. One of our moments from today... Eli: Mom, we're going north. (We have a digital compass in the car, so he likes to note the direction we're driving.) If you keep going north, it gets really cold. If you go south, it gets warm. If you go west, you see a lot of cactus. (I did not correct him on the whole cactus/cacti thing. I was rather impressed with this geography knowledge because I know for a fact that I did not teach any of it to him, so I was just enjoying the story. And then he said this...) And if you go east, it's Easter all the time. And I thought that was quite funny. I made this little project a few weeks back, when it was cold here and we were enjoying the occassional (and, therefore, quite miraculous to us) snow. I picked up a box of Mica Flakes from Melissa Frances a while back and so wanted to make a snow card with them, so this little house is buried in snow. It's all encased under a transparency... love all the depth on this one. The background paper is stamped with a giant doily image (Basic Grey) and embossed in white, so it's subtle, but still a soft representation of snowflakes falling. The ribbon at the bottom was actually a strategic move on my part. I knew the snow would be a bit bulky at the bottom, so I wasn't banking on the stitching turning out totally neat at the bottom. Surprisingly, it did turn out neat, but I loved the ribbon too much to ditch it.
Makes me want to go skiing.
But I'm going to Anaheim and Disneyland instead.
Woe is me, right? Riiiiiight.
Can. Not. Wait! Complete supply list can be found here, if you're interested. Later, friends!


jen said...

Totally love this! And the transparency is brilliant- otherwise too much of that snowy goodness would likely get bumped off!?!
And NO. No pity for you missing skiing when you're headed to cha!
But have a fabulous time!

Winter said...

So cute! We don't get snow here much either, so I know how exciting it is for ya'll too! Have fun at CHA & Disneyland! :)

Charlene Austin said...

I didn't know you were going to CHA! Will you be with PC?? Yay....I am so going to find you! I still can't believe I am going to be honest. I can't wait either!!

Brandy J. said...

Jessica, I love your story! I think I'd like to spend some time in the east eating Mini Eggs and Cadbury Cream Eggs (two of the best things about Easter)!

Ride Indiana Jones for me,