witticisms by Jess Witty

March 29, 2010


There once was this patterned paper. It was very bold, and very black, and very flocked. And I must have ordered it at some point. But I have no idea why. Because it's very bold, and very black, and very flocked. {Did I mention that?} Anyhow, it lived in my Emma's Paperie drawer for over a year. And made me feel guilty every time I looked at it. With all it's flockiness. {Not a word. But it should be.} And one one, relief filled me as I finally hit upon the perfect card for this paper. And I made it. And I loved it. This isn't it. But I did use the scrap left over from that card to make this card. And I pretty much love it, too. And I'm tellin' you... if you haven't given in to the Best Creations glitter cardstock yet... just do it. You won't look back, I swear. Hands down, one of my most used and best purchases. Not a speck of glitter comes off of this paper, people. Seriously. It's like the miracle of all glitter paper. You will love it. Care to join me in this little 10 Minute Scrap Pile Challenge? Just leave a link and I'll stop by to see your 10 minute creation!


JanR said...

(Trying to comment without using the word "love" and an abundance of exclaimation marks yet again.....failing miserably....)

I absolutely love this card!!!!! Is the sentiment a stamp or your own handwriting?