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May 24, 2010

10MSPC... take 2

In the interest of full disclosure, transparency, and authenticity I will tell you that my first 10 minute scrap pile card was... um... not good. More like... stank. Horribly. All was well... I was moving along quickly and thinking, "All righty! This is going to be cute!" And then I made that one fatal error. I added some stitching. And you can't really undo stitching, can you? (Or at least you couldn't on this card where it was surrounding what was going to be the focal point.) So there I was... 9.5 minutes in and totally screwed. I mourned the loss of said 10 minute card for the remaining .5 minutes. And then I cut it all apart to use on this 10 minute card... The woodgrain is actually Blazing Red StazOn stamped on a transparency... looks sort of Blazing Pink, right? The transparency is stitched to some patterned paper, which is layered over my favorite favorite Basic Grey Nook & Pantry paper {yeah... not so much of that paper left in the scrap pile so I actually had to mitre two little pieces together to make do}. Charlene Austin did some cards a while back where she trimmed the sentiment out super tight. I've been wanting to give that a whirl so I threw that in here to a) break up all the straight lines of the rest of the card and b) so as not to add a heavy layer that would cover up all the super cool woodgrain. Nifty.

All in all, I have to say... I love it when mistakes turn out for the greater good. I am totally digging this card way more than the first one I started with.

I probably would not have gone with this layout if not for ending up with the wonky piece of card I trimmed out from the first card... but I love it.

Speaking of love...

Ah... it's that time again.

Card Creations time. Sweet.

We're celebrating all this week... cause we like it that much.

Kelly over at Paper Crafts Connection and Cath at Moxie Fab World are kicking it off today with some giveaways. {Cath has Freshprint Clothesline from Little Yellow Bicycle... I've used approximately a ton and a half of that stuff lately!}

So scoot... scooty scoot.

Later, friends!


Lisa said...

Love your "blazing pink" transparency (hee hee!). And the sentiment looks really good trimmed close like that - I'll have to try that sometime!

JanR said...

Love that you used two different types of stitching on one line!

Gina Kinde said...

Love your stitching and colors, great work. so creatitive. gina kinde email ginak1117@att.net