witticisms by Jess Witty

July 19, 2010


A quickie post for a quickie card... All the scraps came directly off the last card I made... love that. 2 cards, 2 totally different designs.

Thanks to everyone who commented on Friday's blog hop post! You guys are so funny... I had quite a few laughs reading through everything that was said.

I loved hearing your thoughts on design, too. I completely agree with those of you who said that your styles were a mish-mash of elements... I totally feel the same way.

I'll give you a heads up when the winners are posted!


B said...

Ok this card is just fun! Love it! :) I really need to try the 10MSC challenge one day... I'm so tired from work and traveling that I really only have 10 mins most days!

Suzanne said...

I am crazy about this card, Jess!