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July 28, 2010

It's a Go-to-Gal American Crafts Challenge!

I've never really considered myself much of a flower person. {I know my fellow GTG's would beg to differ based on the number and size of flowers I sport lately, but that's beside the point.} Flowers... I can kinda take 'em or leave 'em. I mean... I like them. Some more than others. Peonies... yes. Homegrown roses... yes. Sunflowers... ick. But handmade flowers for cards... that's a different story. {Or handmade flowers for super sweet necklaces... also a different story.} So here's a little attempt of mine to make something similar to the flowers Liz makes over at Dear Lizzy.

The key is using her fabric paper (Dear Lizzy by American Crafts) and removing it from the paper backing... that makes it nice and pliable for twisting. Look at me... I even added some freehand stitching to lead the eye to the focal point. I'm not gonna lie... freehand stitching... it was scary. Good thing I like how it turned out. First things first... 1. Trim a few strips of fabric paper and remove the paper backing. 2. Punch a circle of cardstock and cover it with adhesive.

3. Stick the fabric strip down in the center of the cardstock circle. I like of roll the fabric up and stick it down in a point. 4. Twist the fabric (not too tightly) and start forming a circle, pressing the fabric down into the adhesive as you go. 5. And soon you'll end up with this. If you want a smaller flower (like the smaller one on my card) just tuck the fabric end under and then trim the excess cardstock. If you want a larger flower, just add on another strip and continue twisting and sticking.

Does this mean I have a green thumb now?


All the other Go-to-Gals are highlighting some sweet American Crafts goodies today, too. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the AC facility during our last meeting in Utah. Um... yeah... it was pretty awesome. Liz Kartchner showed us peeks of her new lines debuting at CHA today and they are so, so pretty. So, so Liz. She was a total sweetheart to us as were all the AC peeps!

I know the other girls are posting something fabulous, so check 'em out...


Kim H.


Kim K.


Later, friends!


Agata said...

Your flowers are great! And they grow beautifully on your card! :)

Unknown said...

this is fun and funky and just plain awesome!

(-: Heidi

Suzanne said...

They are beautiful! Great job, Jess!

Anonymous said...

Jess, these are beautiful! Thanks for the great tutorial!!

Happy Crafting,


Irene at GoneScrapbooking.com said...

Pretty flowers and great tutorial! I linked to it in today's scrapbook news at http://exm.nr/9mDE4U :)

Noreen said...

I love the way your flowers turned out!

Marlene Ferreira said...

Thanks for sharing! I´ve been curious about those flowers! I simply didn´t know how to make them, but your photos were quite clarifying.