witticisms by Jess Witty

October 25, 2010


A friend of mine asked me this weekend if my 10 minute cards really do take me 10 minutes. And I said yes. Because they do. So in the interest of full disclosure, I now give you my 15MSPC, cause this one broke the proverbial 10 minute bank.
I blame it on the buttons. Darned threaded buttons. I shoulda known. There's no time for threaded buttons in the 10MSPC challenge! Hardest part about this card? Forcing myself to actually press the sticker down. Apparently I have commitment issues. Later, friends!


Glenda J said...

We would have never known if you hadn't told us! Fabulous! Great layout and I love the buttons!

Stephanie said...

love it!

DoxieGirl said...

super flippin' cute! the ten minute card = simple and sweet! I wonder what I would get done in 10 min. Some how, I don't think it would come close to equaling a card! :)