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November 29, 2010

10MSPC goes Christmas

Hey, lookie... it's only 26 days til Christmas. How'd THAT happen? Have I started my Christmas cards yet? Umm... that'd be a no. I did start and nearly finish my Christmas shopping. Thank you, Black Friday. {Yes, that was me outside Target at 3:30am. And yes, I loved it.} But back to the cards. Since I haven't finished, worked on, or even started my Christmas cards yet, I decided to dedicate December's 10 Minute Scrap Pile Challenges {and today's, since it's practically December} to Christmas. That way, I know I have at least 4 cards finished. {Brilliant, right?} Hmm... 140 -4 only 136 left to go So, on to today's 10MSPC.

I think I've seen this layout before. Oh, yeah... on another 10MSPC. It's one of my favorite layouts for little strips of paper. And no, it doesn't bother me that the text on the book paper is going in the opposite direction :) The spot I left for the sentiment ended up being a little small, so I looked for a skinny holiday stamp to nestle underneath everything. This is a little taglin underneath one of the main sentiment stamps in Papertrey's Tree Trimming Trio set. I just masked the main sentiment with a piece of scotch tape, inked the stamp up with New Leaf ink, pulled off the tape, and stamped it down. I love making the most of my stamps. All righty. One Christmas card down. Go me! And just an fyi for your card making radar... you might want to check out today's posts over at Paper Crafts Connection and Moxie Fab World.

We're kicking off a week all about Card Creations:Favorite Occassions. I have a feeling that you're gonna love it :) Later, friends!

{PeaceLoveJoy} card Stamps - Tree Trimming Trio Ink - New Leaf Cardstock - White, Aqua Mist Glitter paper - Best Creations Various patterned paper


Charlene Austin said...

26 days? Oh boy I'm in trouble.

Oh how I wish I could be in the US for BF shopping. I'd be in that 3:30am line up with you. Oh yes I'd be all over that.

Tell ya what....don't worry about sending me card so then you only have to make 135. There....does that help?

Amy K said...

26 days...thanks for the kick in the pants. Yup, right in the same boat with you..so much to do!

Jessie said...

Love your card idea! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the count down! I better get hopping!!

Suzanne said...

This is awesome! So simple! Why couldn't I think of something like this before ordering boatloads of jingle bells and lace for the cards I have dreamed up in my head?!

Carol M. said...

Target at 3:30 a.m. was crazy, for sure!! I was there too!!! But I didn't finish my shopping :(
But I AM on my way to finishing my cards. Thanks for another 10MSPC for more inspiration. Only have 34 (out of 70) to go.

Aimes said...

Ha! So glad it's not just me that has a mountain of Christmas cards to make!!! I've made 3 in total lol!
Fab 10MSPC card - love that layout (and the sparkle :D)

DoxieGirl said...

so stinkin' cute... I'd hate you if you weren't my stamping hero. lol
seriously - stop doing such simple, cute cards with one stinkin' PTI stamp. I'm going to have to purchase so many for just one stamp.
(and so you don't think I'm completely off my rocker, yes I realize that I can trade out the sentiment. I'm not that blond!)

Tassie said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Your card is so simple... I LOVE IT!!! I am going to get right to my scrap pile and make one myself... thanks for the inspiration!!!!