witticisms by Jess Witty

November 23, 2010

A new kind of Quick & Easy

Soooo... you know I love quick and easy cards. LOVE. I have three small children. I'm a homeschooling mom. I have a husband, a home, and lots of crafy and non-crafty responsibilities. Quick and easy is like my BFF. I mean, not the best BFF ever. Because dude, a BFF is always there when you need her and to be honest... sometimes Q&E is a little flakey. She can be a little noncommittal. She's Chandler, from Friends. Anyhow. Today she's here. Let me introduce you. Her name is Snapfish.

That's not her. That's actually Eli. In all his true Eli-ness. All I did with this card was upload the pic to Snapfish and pick out a cool border for it. When it arrived at my door, I wrapped it with twine from The Twinery and added a little flag. Whambamthankyoum'am... one thank you card for Christmas... DONE. And speaking of Christmas... have you heard of the Witty Christmas Card Sweatshop? That's what we call the annual card making process around here. It involves me, my husband, and 140 handmade cards. We actually enjoy it {or most of it, I swear}. But this year it's going to be a little tougher to pull off. {Disclaimer... no, I'm not pregnant. Or adopting another baby. At least not that I know of. But it could happen. But not right now. Or possibly ever depending on which member of this family you ask. But that's a different post for a different day. Or possibly never.} So I've been debating what to do. And I decided I'd try this out... I just dropped the pics into their spots on the card and waited a few days for the printing, cutting, scoring, & folding to be done for me. That was preetty sweet. Then I added my own crafty touches with a little rhinestone, some more Twinery twine, and a little tag. I always feel like adding my own handwriting makes things more heartfelt and homemade. The fact that it only took me like 2 seconds does not disqualify it from being heartfelt or homemade. Kinda fun, right? And definitely Q&E. And also cheap. Snapfish is giving Paper Crafts readers 25% off right now. That would be you, right? The coupon code is MAKING CARDS. How appropriate. Enjoy!


Lindsay said...

Love those cards! Your blog posts always give me a chuckle! Love it Jessica!

karisa said...

love the Q&E cards. never thought of dressing up a photo card. and you should totally make your handwriting into a font! i'd download it! i've always been jealous of your handwriting... even in 5th grade!

Kalyn said...

What are the odds that 2 paper-crafters both reference Chandler from Friends in blog posts this week? Haha Love it! And great cards!