witticisms by Jess Witty

November 18, 2010

Splendid Birthday

And so the doily obsession continues.

I haven't sought a cure for it. I don't see the point. I mean, what's wrong with a doily obsession? Nothing. Vintage meets modern. What's not to love? Especially when it's printed on a transparency? AND it comes in pink? Please. I'm totally justified. And I'm gonna go ahead and say that I'm kinda totally happy with the pink doily meets gold glitter mix that's happening. Not a combo I'm used to, but I'm diggin' it. Note that I pulled a Charlene on the sentiment. She's sorta the queen of trimming it nice and tight like that. I'm handing this one off to my soon-to-be 33 year old sister-in-law. Good thing I like her :) because I love this one. You can find all the supplies right here at Emma's Paperie. Later, friends!


Cassandra said...

Congrats Jess on your Papertrey appointment, a natural partnership. I really enjoy your blog (the cards) and your sense of humour.

Ann said...

That doily is fab, and yes, the pink/gold combo is rockin'!

Romaine said...

Congrats on joining papertrey! Kinda funny, as I thought that you already were with them! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Your totally justified :-) I love them too!

And adorable card and congrats on Papertrey!

katrynka said...

Congrats on joining the papertrey team!! Looking forward to seeing your stuff for the releases.