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April 15, 2013

Papertrey Ink April Release in Review!

I love that sentiment :)

It is a good day to be happy ;)
The Papertrey Ink design team is wrapping up the April release by bringing you all the rest of our April projects.  {All of PTI's newest products will be available at Papertrey Ink beginning tonight.}

And to kick this happy day off, we're starting with Happiness in Bloom...

I can't resist a happy card so I kept this one bright and simple.  Hibiscus Burst and Orange Zest make for a fun flower combination.  I trimmed just a tad off the right side of the panel and let part of the black card base show for a bit of balance. 

This card is bittersweet to me.  I really like it, but I'm kind of haunted by the original idea I had for this set.  It was a bit of a complicated idea, involving all of my embossing powders, but it was going to be totally worth it.

And then this happened...

And that would be all 10 bottles of my Zing embossing powders.
All poured out and piled up in one giant pile (read: 0% salvageable).
Along with some Stickles for good measure.

Let me tell you... THAT was NOT a good day to be happy.

So... one day the Happiness in Bloom card that lives in my head will make it out.
And that day will apparently come after all of my embossing powders are replaced.

Moving on ;)

I kept the bright colors but kept it to some smaller elements for this one...

This is a little Wonderful Words: Memories and Sketched Shapes combo.  Those little Sketched Shapes elements... I'll warn you now... they are going to be getting a lot of use over here. 

The little triangle line was easy to ink up with a few different colors.  Just ink a few at a time, then wipe off any ink that got on the remaining ones.  Scoot the image down and ink the next part. 

For the upper panel I stamped the Wonderful Words: Memories images then added a white die cut to the top.  The ink makes for a fun little shadow effect. 

Love that sentiment... I thought it would be just perfect to hand off to a friend who's moving away.

Sketched Sentiments made another appearance with 7th Inning Stretch... do you see it?


I pulled out my Birch veneer paper again for the baseball bat die cut.  A little strip of silk ribbon wrapped along the end makes for a good grip on the bat.  I love details like that :)

The little chevron strip from Sketched Shapes fits right in, right?  Looks just like baseball stitching to me.

I have a bit of a different idea for you with Boutique Borders: Father...

I know cards for dads can be tough, but including a picture is almost always a hit.  Especially if you're going to be mailing your card off and including a picture or two in it, why not go ahead and add it to the front?  I adhered this one with some repositionable tape so it can be easily removed. 

One more tip... I went ahead and added a clear cardstock overlay to this card and stamped my image on that with StazOn Opaque ink.  That protects my photo from any mistakes that might happen while stamping... just a way to avoid some frustration ;)

Love the font Dawn used here!  You'll be able to use the sentiments in this set in a variety of card styles.

And finally... Polka Dot Parade #3...

What a cutie pie set!

I love how the sentiments work together.  Being able to have 3 sections of sentiments really worked well for the design of this one.

A little trimming with the kraft knife and I was able to alter the tv to put a picture in it.  This is a picture from a Martha Stewart Living magazine... I loved the colors and that the scale seemed just about perfect. 

An actual picture would be something fun to try, too.

I love that this one would be great to use for Father's Day, but would also work for lots of different occasions.  It would also work well for men or women.  I think it would be especially fun to personalize it with pictures of people they know or things they love to do or watch.

Well, folks, that wraps up another release!
Be sure to catch the rest of the DT and their April release projects...
Nichole Heady
Betsy Veldman
Danielle Flanders - {FYI - Danielle's taking a break this month due to her big move!}

Let me know what you think!

{Happy} card
Supplies not available now but available 4/15: 
Stamps - Happiness in Bloom
Supplies available now:
CS - White, Black
Ink - True Black, Hibiscus Burst, Orange Zest, Summer Sunrise, Limeade Ice, Simply Chartreuse

{Relax} card
Supplies not available now but available 4/15: 
Stamps - Polka Dot Parade #3
Die - Polka Dot Parade #3, Sketched Shape
Supplies available now:
CS - Kraft, White
Paper - MME
Ink - Dark Chocolate, Aqua Mist
Other - small magazine photo

{Grand Slam!} card
Supplies not available now but available 4/15: 
Stamps - 7th Inning Stretch, Sketched Shapes
Die - 7th Inning Stretch
Supplies available now:
CS - White, Birch paper (Creative Imaginations)
PP - Soft Stone
Ink - Dark Chocolate, Pure Poppy
Other - silk ribbon

{Memories} card
Supplies not available now but available 4/15: 
Stamps - Wonderful Words: Memories, Sketched Shapes
Die - Wonderful Words: Memories
Supplies available now:
CS - White
Ink - Aqua Mist, Orange Zest, Going Gray (SU)

{Happy Father's Day} card
Supplies not available now but available 4/15: 
Stamps - Boutique Borders: Father
Supplies available now:
CS - White
PP - Soft Stone
Ink - StazOn Opaque Cotton White
Other - silk ribbon


jan metcalf said...

Love the show on the TV screen, those little details!

Unknown said...

Oh Jess, so sorry about the disaster with the embossing powder/stickles stuff! I'm sure that card is awesome-but these are just as awesome!! I know your pain-when my girls were just little (a little more than 2 1/2 and 3 months) I had gorgeous Easter dresses complete with sweet little pinafores, cut out of the very last of some sweet material I'd found at the Bernina store when an "assistant" snuck into my room, unbeknownst to me, and "helped" cut out the dresses "some more" The praise is there was no loss of fingers or blood, not even a tiny scratch! But those sweet dresses never materialized yet they live on in my memory:)

Deb Stamps Life, LLC Deb Walker said...

I think you did some beautiful work...and you might even just turn that pile of embossing powders into something magical yet...

Leigh Penner said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your embossing powders, Jess.... I would be beyond upset!
Your projects are all fabulous! I especially love the little details like the wood veneer bat and the sweet image in your little TV! I always love visiting your blog-- you constantly inspire me!

cards by cara said...

Jess, so sorry to hear about the demise of your embossing powders. I guess a new shade has been created? You still made stunning cards, as per usual and you can try out your idea and wow us when you get new powders ... Hugs for now ... :)

Holly Saveur said...

LOVE the cards..and so sorry for the embossing powder disaster....

Laura said...

Love all the cards you created, even after facing a disaster!

claudia said...

It IS a Great day to be Happy.
Thanks for the great cards!

conil said...

Can just imagine how the recipients of each of these cards would feel...very special, that's how. Every one is a winner.

pat said...

I was really thinking I did not want the TV stamp set, but I love what you did with the picture on the TV screen! Pure genius!

jintyoo7 said...

OH no, how did it happen - little person?

I agree, it is a lovely sentiment - and your cards are beautiful....tomorrow is another day :)

Fabulous photo card :)

Larissa Heskett said...

Oh Boy!! Looks like someone had a FUN time!! I can still remember my little one and his cousin making a complete mess in the kitchen!! We were baking cookies and I had the containers of sugar, Flour and powdered sugar on the table because we had been baking and it was easier to leave it all out!! I ran to the bathroom and left the kids in the kitchen not thinking anything of it!! BAD IDEA!! I came back from the bathroom to find a FUN Pile of ALL Spilled all over the tabel and they were covered themselves!! OH MAN what a MESS!! My mom was like how on earth are we going to get this cleaned off of the chair cushions??!! Well it took some cleaning, but not before I got some photos and even still to this day they are some of my FAVORITE ones!! =) LOVE your projects and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Rebecca Ednie said...

Oh no! Your poor embossing powders! You have to explain what happened! At first I thought some crafty experiment went bad but I take it from wiser people than myself in the comments that children must have been involved which makes MUCH more sense. Worst Ive had is a rose ripped off of a card, a key ripped off of a wall art plaque (ruining it) and spilled glitter. This is pretty major. Poor you.

katrynka said...

Maybe use the embossing powders for emboss resist techniques?

But your cards turned out great!!

Julie Ebersole said...

All your designs are beautimous, sweet girl--LOVE!!!


OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am crying on your behalf!!! :(

Lindsey said...

Each of these cards is incredible! Your creative uses and twists on stamps and basic supplies always amazes me. Your embossing powder disaster reminds me a lot of the sand art we used to create when we were little. Perhaps the little artist/culprit was thinking of that. I'm pretty sure I would have cried when I happened upon the mess, though.

Lindsey said...

Each of these cards is incredible! Your creative uses and twists on stamps and basic supplies always amazes me. Your embossing powder disaster reminds me a lot of the sand art we used to create when we were little. Perhaps the little artist/culprit was thinking of that. I'm pretty sure I would have cried when I happened upon the mess, though.

Linda Beeson said...

Hi Sweetie!!! Long time no talk, loving all of your examples especially the first one.

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