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August 24, 2013

Stampafaire Gallon:Quart:Pint Challenge

Hello, again :)

Just popping in with a little Gallon:Quart:Pint Challenge card for ya...

I suppose it could be argued that it's a little more of a Gallon:Quart:Quart card... but I kind of think the extra green for the stem and leaf push the ratio over into just a little more green than aqua.  At least, that's what I'm tellin' myself ;)

Any guesses as to what inspired this design?

It's a very loose interpretation :)

Brian and I had a conversation about the movie Jobs this week and it came back to me when I was making this card.  I can remember my very first computer and the rainbow striped logo on the corner of that gigantic screen :)
Anyway, I wasn't going for copy of the logo... I was just looking to pair that sentiment with a piece of fruit and when I realized it would fit inside the apple, the deal was sealed.  A little negative die cut adds some interest.  {If you haven't tried a negative die cut yet, you should!  It's super simple to pair the Gallon:Quart:Pint challenge with it!}

I did a bit of masking on the sentiment to split it into 2 parts... I kind of like connecting the outside and inside of the card by continuing the sentiment.

But wait!  There's more!
Be sure to head on over to Nichole's blog to see all the other Gallon:Quart:Pint cards ;)

But wait!  There's more!
More from me, that is :)
Back in a bit...

{Out on a Limb} card
Stamps - Apple Prints
CS - White, Limeade Ice, Aqua Mist, Berry Sorbet
Ink - Dark Chocolate
Other - Apple Prints die


June K said...

I love it, Jess.

Bonnie T. said...

Ha! My mom would love your loose interpretation; she's a total Apple/Mac groupie. :) I love how you showcased the Gallon:Quart:Pint formula using solid cardstock. It really gives it an entirely different look than using patterned paper or stamping with ink. I also love how you carried it over to the inside!

Leigh Penner said...


Kathy H said...

Great idea Jess! I love your card and post!

nancy said...

So this post was my real reason for coming to your blog; I'm trying to finish up the SAF posts. After reading your farewell post, I wonder if this card isn't - in a little - a card to yourself. Even if it's not, you should keep it in mind over the next months. And I'll back you up on this card falling in the gallon, quart, pint standards. Even if it technically doesn't, who cares! It's still a great card with a strong message.