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October 06, 2009

Hello, goodbye WCMD!

Hey, there, friends! I've had pictures of WCMD to post for a few days now, but my computer and I were in disagreement about when they should be posted. I thought Monday would be a great day. My computer... let's call him... Disagreeable... apparently thought that we should take a wee little blogging break for a few days while he went on a vacation of sorts. One in which he felt the need to sloooooow waaaaaay down. Anyhow, hopefully Disagreeable feels refreshed from his little self-imposed vacation and will now get back to work with a better attitude. So, WCMD has come and gone... but the pictures are still here! I stayed pretty busy with our class, but I did manage to snag a few with some of the sweet ladies who stayed after to chat. Let me introduce you to Cindy... Cindy was so enthusiastic and had such great energy! Every time I looked around she had a big encouraging smile on. There is just nothing better to look up and see when you're teaching! Loved that! Sandra is my next new friend. Sandra, Sandra. She and I pretty much instantly bonded over our love of a) flower accessories and b) junking. She was sporting the most beautiful vintage flower pin and I had pinned my flower up on my ponytail holder. We traded stories of sweet finds and the best places to score some good ol' junk. I may, at long last, have found a junking partner. And it's been a long time comin', people, so that is no small find! And finally... Cindy. Do you remember the very first card you ever made? Cindy probably does, cause she made her first three on WCMD! It was so, so cool to get to spend some extra time with Cindy as she discovered the instant gratification and satisfaction of making cards! To see her excitement over her finished cards... what can I say? It just made me happy, too.
So, I thoroughly enjoyed WCMD at Scrapbook 'n Such! The ladies there were very sweet and man, oh man... what a well-stocked and fun store!
And now... for a disclaimer. Let us not judge the appearance of a certain apron-wearing, perhaps a bit tired looking, chick in these pictures.
That chick would be the one whose devilishly-handsome-and-sometimes-equally-behaved 2 year old son had, for the week leading up to these pictures, decided that cribs were for babies and that his crib need not reign in such an athletic and spry young person such as himself. Huh. That realization did not come upon my devilishly-handsome-and-sometimes-equally-behaved older son until he was 3 years old so, obviously, I feel I am still owed at least another year of crib bliss from my younger child. (That would be in addition to my still innocently-beautiful-and-can-do-not-really-too-much-wrong-at-this-point 5 month old daughter who will be outgrowing her bassinet, oh, appromately any hour now and will need... you got it... a crib. Crib #2 in our house, but that's another story.) Unfortunately, my older son has apparently taught my younger son in the ways of the crib-less world.
This led to naptimes, evenings, and nighttimes, when - I kid you not - this devilishly handsome child got out of his crib upwards of 50 times at a sitting. Yeaaaaaah. Not my favorite. (And yes, I realize this is dangerous. No emails or posts telling me it's dangerous - trust me, I'm aware and was not happy about it myself.) I was deep in the midst of negotiations with said child when these pics were taken.
I'm happy to report that the negotiations ended in my favor. Because I'm the momma, that's why. I originally planned to include some pics of a fun fall centerpiece I put together last week, but I see that I've already written yet another marathon post. I'll save those for the next few days, ok? Later, friends!


The Hunts said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of your fall centerpiece. You are so talented. I bet it will give me some great ideas for decorating!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

You crack me up! So glad you talked some sense into that young 'un !! Sounds like your class was a big success. ;)

Bev Gerard said...

Love your 'marathon' post about WCMD, and younger son's (my g'son's!) new escape adventures! I know ... stress. But you've expressed it beautifully!! (This too, shall pass .... but it does require patience & time.) ;o)

Sherry Wright said...

Love reading your posts.. you're so "witty", hehe. Glad you had fun at the class & talked your boy into being back in the crib. ;)