witticisms by Jess Witty

February 03, 2010

Gold Star

Yes, I realize I haven't been able to do a post-CHA post yet. I think that's because a) I'm not able to take a lot of pictures while I'm there. I'm generally holding a stack of paperwork for Emma's Paperie, so the camera doesn't get to come out very often. I think I took a grand total of 5 pictures. Sad, but true. and b) it's kind of hard for me to process all of my thoughts into just a few words. I love seeing the new product. I mean, that is kind of the point. But the other stuff is so much more. I get to spend time with my friends from Emma's... the girls I've known literally since the beginning of my time in this whole crazy industry. Cindy and Anabelle (and I finally got to hang out with Lisa this time, too!)... work friends who morphed into real friends and who indulge me with things like the illustrator experience and Tower of Terror at California Adventure again and again and again. And there is talk of even flying all the way down to Texas to visit. Seriously. Those are friends, people. And then there are the Paper Crafts peeps. Sigh. I know you guys probably all read how we all get along and truly like and enjoy each other with a grain of salt and more than a bit of disbelief. It's like when you see all those actors and actresses talking about how much they love each other and all really got along on the set of their latest movie. Yeah... riiiiiiight. Sure, you do. Except we do and we do. And we laugh. Dude, how we laugh. Like, in 4 hour increments. As in, the restaurant was packed when we started laughing and empty when we stopped. But then we laughed some more on the walk back to the hotel. So, CHA is all about new product, but for me, it's also about being with people who I love much more than I'll ever love new product. Know what I mean? I hope you have people like that, too. On the new product front... holy cow... what can I say? Making Memories Vintage Groove jewelry line... um, yeah. This was one of my top faves. It totally fits the whole less matchy, more funky trend that's been out there lately. The accents are sold in small sets and you add them to pre-made chains that they also have, or piece together your own funky chains with their 6 inch sets. I loved the whole shebang. Studio Calico... a new paper line that you will be seeing lots of in the future. This line definitely goes vintage funk as well. Their most unique item are called FabRips. This is an adhesive fabric sheet that has little notches in the top of the page... you can just pull down on a strip and it tears off the sheet and leaves you with a neatly torn edge! (Get it?... FabRips... fabric!) Cannot wait to try those. the girls' paperie... this new company is more of a homespun vintage look... sweet vintage. I think you'll be seeing a lot of this all over the place here soon. Vintage is hot. And I love it. All of the above will be available at Emma's Paperie, so just check out the "What's New" section Speaking of vintage, here's one of my latest projects for Emma's... lots of vintagey goodness in the form of October Afternoon and some other goodies. {You can find the complete supply list here.} Just wanted to mention that I know I didn't get to do my regular 10 Minute Scrap Pile Challenge on Monday due to my Papertrey post. It'll be back, I promise.

Later, friends!


Suzanne said...

Hi Jess, It's wonderful to hear that you had such a great time at CHA. And I love the card! Geesh, I wish I could convince myself that non-matchy is okay. I never would have thrown in that green ribbon, but it looks great. Like on "What Not to Wear" when Stacy and Clinton say that things don't have to match--they just have to "go." Right!

Latisha said...

Love your post and agree :)
the best part is the people
and can I just say how much I adore you and your Mother...you are good people!

Unknown said...

Seriously adorable card! Love that tape measure ribbon!

I think the biggest reason I want to make it to CHA one day is to meet, in person, some of the amazing people I've only met virtually!

(-: Heidi

Alyssa B said...

U really are an absolute darling!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

Yeah, I think going to the illustrator thing over and over again DEFINITELY counts for something!! :) Love you!!! (and your card!)

Linda Beeson said...

I loved seeing the girl's paperier, what a fun collection. LOVED getting to see you, even if it was for just a second. WOW! So many great memories. Oh, and the card is adorable!

JanR said...

That measuring tape bow is awesome!