witticisms by Jess Witty

February 08, 2010

just a note...

this one is short and sweet. Getting back to my 10 Minute Scrap Pile Challenge today. After spending the weekend with the senior girls from church for our annual Disciple Now weekend. And I am tired. Tirrrrred. But it's a good tired. Earned after back-to-back late night/early morning discussions. A happy tired. Today's card is happy, too. And it has lots of favorites on it. A favorite scrap of Nook & Pantry. A favorite scrap of my newest obsession. {Much, much more on that little CHA gem later this week in a special post on Thursday!} And a favorite embellishment... I will always love the American Crafts Flair, yes, I will. They all live happily on this little one. Happy day to you, too. {Rain, rain go away... come again some other day to me!} Later, friends!


Anabelle O'Malley said...

This is just adorable!! So jealous you got some of that wood stuff already. ;) Try and get some rest!!

Courtney Baker said...

My husband is a youth pastor so I feel your exhaustion!

Get so sleep! And cute card!