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April 19, 2010

10 Minute Everything's-In-A-Pile Challenge

There is progress. My storage cabinets are not finished, but they're in. That means we needed to move all of my stuff around. So instead of working on a card table that was definitely not created with precision in mind, I'm now working standing up and in front of whatever cardboard box is unlucky enough to be in front of me. My goal for today's card was to use literally only things that I could reach. Lots of my stuff is trapped inside drawers that I can't open because the sideboard the said cabinets reside in is backed up to the said {zillion} cardboard boxes. Good thing Bisous Zoo (chipboard plane) and Little Yellow Bicycle (blue patterned paper) sent boxes this week... they were on top, so that made them the winners in the search for product that was not buried. This card says "Best of Luck" because, unfortunately, I could not find a "Hope you don't die on your flight today!" stamp. And by "you" I mean me. Have I told you that flying is not my favorite? I once told a pilot at the end of the flight that I literally prayed for him for 2 hours and 22 minutes on that flight. And I wasn't kidding. I've been known to hold the hand of the stranger next to me. Seriously. If you were walking down the aisle of the flight I'm on, you'd have no idea that all I want to do is get off of it (of course, not while we're in the air... I want to get off of it while we're on the ground, please). I'm not super panic-y or anything... I'm more of a silent terrified flyer. I'm not going to go try and open the door in flight... seriously, all I want to do is live, and doing that would not be helpful for my goal. Anyhow, today I need to go off to the City of Salted Lakes for a little Paper Crafts Editorial Board meeting. {Seriously... why is it called that? Salt Lake City, I mean. I bet you 5 bucks that one of my editors will read this post before I get there and will be waiting to tell me the answer when I get there. My guess is that it will be either Jennifer or Susan... the edge goes to Jennifer since she's probably the one picking us up at the airport.} So at least at the end of this flight I know I'll be stepping off to friends I love and to 3 days of immersing myself in magazine talk and brainstorming to my heart's content. It's worth it.
Here's to hoping I get there!


Jenn said...

You are too funny. I'm not a fan of flying either. I'm one of those that's silent to a certain point. I get figity (sp?). I have several funny stories but won't bore you. I've complimented a pilot on his landing before. I'm sure you'll make it there just fine. Cute card.

Ellie said...

OH goodness...I just giggled... cause I feel the SAME WAY. last year was the 1st time I EVER took a plane alone.. and I just happened to be going to SLC too.. I went for the SU Convention and the thought of being in a plane for 5hrs. w/NO family members(oh amazing what your brain will come up w/at that point! lol) but then I thought of all my Best Stamping Friends waiting for me and that put me at an ease and THANK goodness I had my Ipod and sleeping pills! LOL... :)

Patty O'Malley said...

I know what you mean by silent fright!! I do think it would be a great idea to make a stamp stating what one truly means when wishing someone a good flight!

jen said...

Well I know you made it safe & sound- and I'm very happy about that! (ok, I know, not as happy as you, but still....) Funny that chipboard plane was right in front of you!! It's a great card- even if the sentiment is not what you had in mind! :)

Winter said...

Well I know you have made it safe because I have seen pics of you with the PC gals! :) I know what you mean about be freaked about flying! I flew one time when I was a very small child and I haven't since then! We go on vactions that we can drive to! I do want to face my fear of flying, but I don't know if I could go without my husband there with me! I keep praying for that fear to go away! :) So I'm glad you made it safe!
I finally got to join you on your 10 minute scrap challenge! I always want to play, but there is not enough time in the day! :)
So here is my entry.