witticisms by Jess Witty

April 26, 2010


Hello, friends. I survived my flights. And the land of Salted Lakes. {The reason behind which was explained to me within, oh, 3 minutes of seeing Jenn at the airport. She's such a smartie pants.} Friends. Brainstorming. Laughing. American Crafts. {Awe & amazement there.} Pondering. Doodlebug. {A lot more laughing there.} Food. Shopping. Late night talks. And more laughing. And we worked, too. It was pretty darned sweet. I could write for days about it. And I will. But the house is calling and projects are waiting. And my workspace is still totally wonky. Or maybe it's janky {a semi-new word brought to you by Susan Opel}. In any case, it's still not all that workable, although it's getting better. So, what's a girl to do with her 10 Minute Scrap Pile Challenge when there is nary a new scrap to be found nor a flat surface to work on? Continue on with the 10 minute whatever-is-new-and-therefore-not-put-away-and-therefore-on-top-of-all-the-mess-and-therefore-most-reachable challenge. New for today... Doodlebug's Feelin Groovy collection and a little A to Z stamp from Stampin' Up.

I'm not so much a groovy kind of girl. Probably more classic. Bordering on preppy at times. With a funky twist. But the rainbows in this collection... the bright colors... I totally dig 'em. They make me happy.

I could use a whole sheet of that heart sticker alone.

A happy card. For happy memories. My life is not perfect right now. I'm probably far too busy... wearing too many hats. I have relationship issues that I wish I could fix... but I'm realizing that I can't. Half of my home is a disaster. {Seriously.} I'm leaving in like 30 days for Africa and have yet to send out support letters. I have a 2 year old. Who is potty training. But I'm happy. And so there are rainbows. Later, friends.


Andrea said...

Ok so now I am intrigued and you have to answer a few questions:
1) why is it named Salt Lake City or the Land of the Salted Lakes?
2) What is the Africa trip all about...you mentioned support letters? Is it not a vacation that you are going on?

Anyway, hope everything is ok...relationship issues always suck, but hopefully it isn't anything too serious! I'll take the Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal position off your hands if that will help! Hehe, like I could fill your shoes! But seriously if you want a break from something on your blog, I would be happy to guest blog or guest design for you!

JanR said...

Love the card.

And, even though I wasn't previously interested in the whole salted lakes thing (being as I'm a Canadian and all), now you've got me interested. Do tell. ;)

Jenn said...

I love "janky" and use it a lot. Hang in there. You know it just makes the "perfect" moments even better. I'm not a groovy gal either, but I definitely like the card.

Charlene Austin said...

I could just about die from how cute that heart sticker is!! OH MY.

My latest 10MSPC card is up! I love that I can end a card session with a fun little scrap card with the mess I made. lol.

Audra said...

really cool card!!

Unknown said...

Found your bloggy from Betsy and so glad I did- you're a doll! Love how you write and have always loved seeing your cards in PC mag!
You have a fantastic style... simple, but fun. Not fussy, but super interesting! Love it! Love the card you made too!
OK- for a little pep talk:
You are a mom. You work. Of course you wear too many hats! Try to make life a little simpler and take a few minutes for yourself. I'm a mom of 3 and yes, life gets busy, hectic, confusing and sometimes, downright awful. But you know, we get up the next day, start over and love our little ones more than the day before.
Try to look past the "mess" and focus on the more important things. Life is too short and too good!
Hugs!... and thanks for all the creative inspiration! :)