witticisms by Jess Witty

May 03, 2010

There once was a blogger. Who blogged {just last week} about how life wasn't perfect but how she was happy, anyway. Beware of doing the same, my friends. Because just a few hours after posting said blog you may be forced to prove it. One ruptured ear drum {Zeke's} and one virus ridden computer later... and I was a little less happy. Um, yeah. It turns out "ruptured" is just a fancy way of saying "broken." And "virus ridden" is just a fancy way of saying "RIP Beloved Computer." It should be noted that the computer was like one bajillion years old in computer years {it was an actual desktop... remember those? :)} and was, therefore, probably actually due to die a quick and painful death. The ear drum was only 2 1/2 years old and therefore I feel a little more cheated on that one. One behalf of Zeke, I guess. They just don't make ear drums like they used to, sigh. {Oh, wait. I guess I sorta made it. Oops.} Anyhow, in the midst of being computerless with stacks of work to do and a broken ear drummed child to tend to, I did actually find time to score a couple of 10 minute cards. Good thing, because I have far too many graduates to write notes to these days. Not an actual scrap pile card, since I used a brand new sheet of butterfly paper from Melody Ross' Artsy Urban line (GCD), but satisfying nonetheless. And let me tell you, that paper is *perfect* for quick cards. Just trim out a butterfly and voila, you're 9/10's of the way to a quick card.
You might even have time to make 2.
And did I mention the butterflies are embossed with a clear coating?
Love that.
To get the super straight lines of glitter, I cheated and added another layer of cardstock. That makes it super easy to just run your glue pen along the edge of the layer and add the glitter.
I love this sentiment for graduation cards... so perfect.
I probably love the various cakes I get to partake of at all the various graduation parties that happen in May more, but still... I do really like the sentiment.
Here's to me being back online and hopefully back to blogging!
Later, friends!


catnap said...

In spite of everything, you manage to turn out fantastic cards. wow. Hang in there.

Rachel Schumacher said...

Beautiful cards! Are the butterflies starting to get to you? :) Hope this week goes better for you!!

JanR said...

Hopefully your luck turns around! The cards are lovely, btw.

Suzanne said...

When it rains, it pours, Jess, but your cards are still beautiful. I hope some good luck comes your way soon.

jan metcalf said...

Love your butterflies, grad cards!