witticisms by Jess Witty

August 16, 2010


I know, I know... I've been away. Not as far as Africa this time. Just away in my own home. It's been a summer of firsts. First {lost} tooth. Quickly followed by a second {lost} tooth. Both occuring during the summer of his first solo art gallery show. At age 6. Seriously, could I be more proud? {I said that in my best Chandler Bing voice. Did you hear it?}

First days of underoos, last days of diapers for Zeke. {I'd show you a picture of that, too, but seeing as how they all feature the underoos, I'll hold back and instead let you witness his first movie theatre experience...}

And... finally... first steps. She held it all in until the ripe old age of 16 months. We finally convinced her at the lakehouse... and that would be me with fresh-from-the-lake hair. The firsts... the kiddos... the pool... they've been calling my name. I find that I'm in the minority when the temp dips beneath 100 degrees and I start worrying about how many pool days we have left. I also live in Texas and yet enjoy walking to my mailbox barefoot on the concrete, though, so I think it must just be me.

In any event, I'm getting back in the 10 Minute Scrap Pile Challenge groove today with this little one...

Super simple scraps add up to a sweet little card. I didn't even trim until I glued it all down and snipped off the left edge. So that's more like 7 minutes. {I'd love to knock it down even further, but let's be real, even with scraps I'm going to spend more minutes than I should simply debating everything.} Later, friends!


Tassie said...

So simple... I just love it... you have inspired me!! Sometimes I think that more is better.... but, you have proved me wrong!!!

Bev Gerard said...

First Steps????
Only One Pic?!
Tooooo cute!

Love the 10-minute creation as well ..... I have not yet mastered that very cool trick!


Sharon Harnist said...

Such sweet firsts for your family this summer, Jess! Tell Little Miss N it's ok to start walking later -- that's about the same time my 1st started! And for the record, I also like that barefoot walk to the mailbox! Sweet card!

Broni said...

LOVE the pics, Jess! Thank goodness my granddaughter, Molly, is not the only one who waited until 16 months!! Soon they'll both be running everywhere! Your "scrappy" card is most excellent!! Oh, and if it's summer....I'm barefooted!!