witticisms by Jess Witty

August 18, 2010

Handmade with Love

Do you remember the days when red + pink was a gigantic no-no? An unpardonable sin of design? {This was probably back in the day when everyone was trying to figure out if they were an "autumn," "winter," "spring," or "summer." I was a winter and supposed to wear only jewel tones. Um... no.} Good thing those days are gone. I love this color combo. Happy, right? Layout is straight out of Go-to Sketches. Still loving that issue. Such an easy sketch for a quick card using lots of scraps.
I'm heading out tomorrow to teach at CKC Tulsa.
Not. Wait. Any of you Okies {or otherwise} planning on being there?
Leave me a note so I can look for you!


jen said...

You made me giggle so hard I was glad I wasn't drinking anything with that reference to what 'season' you were!!!
LOVE this combo- happy= YES!!
Have fun tomorrow!

karisa said...

that is so pretty & what an easy sketch idea. i would never think of it!

teaching at CKC?! that's awesome!!

Brooke said...

Love the combination here.

I too remember those days. In fact I remember seeing a family friend wearing red and pink lycra bike shorts (yes, we are talking hot pink) and thinking "um...no!"

Tassie said...

You are so right... simple card... love the color combo.... I would never have picked those colors on my own.... but, you have inspired me!!!

anya said...

This is a fantastic card, Jess. I do love the colors together and especially love the little butterfly you threw in! Great sketch!

Bev Gerard said...

I was there!
You're a splendiforous teacher!

And BTW ... lovin' the pink/red creation!


Janelle said...

Such a great card... love the red & pink together. And, um, yeah... I was a "spring". Pastels. Yuck. By the way, you've been in my Google Reader for awhile, but I just found out that I know your Aunt Jackie in Charlotte. Small world. Back to the card, though, love the layout and love how you used the PTI Guidelines cardstock as the base. Looks super -- I'll have to try it.