witticisms by Jess Witty

September 27, 2010


If my name was Robin I would say, "Holy lot of acronyms, Batman!" Totally. We all know what WCMD is... right? The day that that celebrates {nearly} everyone's favorite project. The day dedicated to all that is crafty and card-y. You know it. You love it. World Card Making Day. My fellow GTG's and I are celbrating all week over at the Paper Crafts Connection blog with all new cards and prizes to boot. Skip back to Friday's post to see Kim Kesti kick off the celebration and check out today's to see what Betsy has up her {beautifully layered, I'm sure} little sleeve. And... since we're kicking things off... it's only right that I post my own little card for today. Talk about a 10 minute scrap pile challenge card... this one was so quick I almost feel like I cheated. The patterned paper covered card was a reject from the last project and was, frankly, still on my table. {If a scrap never even makes it to the scrap pile, was it really a scrap to begin with? Deep thoughts...} I succumbed to the $1 stamps at Michael's earlier this week. Dude... I have to say... I really love this series. I don't typically go the $1 stamp route but I am totally digging the vintage images combined with the simple typewriter font in this little series. {These could be the $1 stamps that you actually put to use, people. They're wood mounts - not clear - if you go to hunt some down.} This turquoise-y green paper just seemed like the perfect background for one. The paper is from Basic Grey's Curio line in which all the fronts of the paper have this super cool, vintagey looking black border. This is one of the reverse sides, so I added a heavy black border with some ink to finish it out. I have to say... I kinda love it. Q & E. My fave. Later, friends!


calamityjane said...

I love it!! Simplicity at its best! I don't think "easy" is cheating. I think it's ideal!

Teri said...

Anything Jess is all good in my world. Need I say more. ;)


Romaine said...

I bought some of these too! They are rubs in Canada-they were too cute to pass up! Love the simplicity of this card!!