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April 14, 2012

Garden Variety Continues

Hello, all!

It's release time at Papertrey Ink and the design team is back today with our second group post... yay!

We're focusing on Garden Variety Continues...
and the name has inspired me to continue on with my original Garden Variety projects.

Remember these?

The original Garden Variety mint cakes. 
One of my all-time favorite projects.

So it seems only fitting that as Garden Variety continues, I bring you these...

Garden Variety Continues seedlings treats.
Strawberry seedling treats, obviously :)

Let's start off with the crafted goodies, shall we?

First up is a wax paper seed packet with the new seed packet frame on top. When I saw the new frame my mind immediately started pairing it up with the new Strawberry Patch set... I just thought the strawberries would look so cute peeking out from the frame :)

I made the packet itself by die cutting a double layer of wax paper. I actually used a light layer of spray adhesive to put the sheets together and later had a duh moment when I realized I could have just ironed them together. Ah, well. Either way will work.

Stamping on wax paper is a bit hit or miss to me (even with permanent ink) so I went with the simple solution and just added a layer of vellum between the frame and the actual seed packet.  I just stamped the larger Strawberry Patch image onto that and did some super simple Copic coloring. 

Stamping the frame was fun with the addition of a few words from the Friendship Flowers: Summer Fillers.  Both of the words in the "title" came from that set.  Love how that turned out :)

I went ahead and slipped a gift card to a nursery into the seed packet... the seed packet die is probably my favorite way to package a gift card ever.  It's just simple and perfect :)

Totally love the sentiment in the new Garden Variety set.  Don't you think this is the perfect sentiment for end-of-school year teacher gifts?  We've been working with our youth group for 10 years now and I can think of LOTS of volunteer teachers who would appreciate that thought :)

I thought it would be fun to make the new plant image into a strawberry plant so I added the tiny strawberries from Strawberry Patch... they fit pretty darned perfectly (grin!). Love that :) If you click on the picture you can see that I added the small patches of flowers from Garden Variety Continues to fill in the smaller spaces.

Let's move on to the sweet stuff, k?

Have you figured out what our little seedling treats are is this time??

I'll give you one hint...
this one's a no-bake :)

And what is the most famous of all no-bake sweets?

That's right.
The rice krispie treat :)

Chocolate covered strawberry rice krispie treat, to be exact :)

Basically, you switch strawberry marshmallows for the regular and also added a half of a box of strawberry cake mix. Here's the recipe if you're interested.  I added some extra marshmallows and butter simply because I've never made rice krispie treats where I thought "huh, I should really back off the butter and the marshmallows."  I'm all for soft and gooey :)

The idea here is the same as the original seedling pot mint cakes... just smaller.  This time I bought the smaller seedling cups (I bought these at Home Deopt for a pack of 3 for $2.50 but the the original post has all the details, too).  Line each cup with parchment paper so that when you put the warm rice krispies mix in, they're sitting nice and pretty in the parchment paper and not touching the sides.  Once they cool down, pull each one out and dip the tops in some chocolate (I used chocolate almond bark).  Let those cool down and harden before you place them back in the paper lined cups. 

I pulled a total crafter move and used my needle tool to create the holes in the tops for the little strawberry plantlet.  A note of caution... strawberry rice kristpie treats don't provide a ton of plant nourishment ;) so make sure you add the plants right before serving. 

I know that the rest of the design team gals are bringing you loads of sweet Garden Variety ideas so check 'em out...

Soooooo... thoughts???

I was super excited to come up with a Garden Variety II follow-up to the original and I wanted to make sure I attempted something that event the non-bakers out there could appreciate :) Let me know what you think!

 {Garden Variety Seedling} treats & card
Supplies not available now but available 3/15: 
Stamps - Garden Variety II
Dies - Garden Variety II

Supplies available now:
Stamps - Friendship Jar: Summer Fillers, Background Basics: Gingham
Cardstock - White
PP - Crate
Ink - Simply Chartreuse, Pure Poppy, Classic Kraft, Dark Chocolate
Copics - Pure Poppy, Simply Chartreuse, & Summer Sunrise Trios
Dies - Seed Packet; Banner Borders
Other Supplies: wax paper


Ann said...

Shreeeeek!!! I adore this idea - haven't made rice krispie cakes for ages vbut I'm out to buy a packet this afternoon! Such a SWEET project!

Ann said...

And just examined your strawberry pot more closely too - love how you've put it together!

Sue Ann said...

GOOD LORD ........ KILLING ME how am I ever going to make it this morning. So I have my containers from your project last year that I am making for my DD 1st grade class but I am making DIRT and having gummy worms come out of them ........ they will love it and now I must use these smaller containers 1 because I love strawberries 2 I am getting all the strawberry goodies 3. teacher appreciation week is soon 4. strawberries are in season here. I think I am going to do chocolate covered strawberries in this container and put a handle on it and carry it to the classes on my daughters hallway to give to each teacher ........ a roving chocolate covered strawberry container ......... YIKES this is going to be SOOO cute thanks for the heads up on the container. YOU always amaze me with your kitchen and paper craft combos ........ and how about those strawberry biscuits from your last post HOLY MOLY!!!! YOU ROCK

Jennifer K said...

Uhhh...wow! I'm pretty stunned at your awesome project. You so make me want to try these crafty/foodie projects. I haven't been brave enough yet but maybe one of these days I'll take the plunge and I'll definitely turn to your blog for help. You're the goddess of these things! Awesome, awesome work, Jess!

Kara said...

adorable Jess!! I'm going to have to make these now too!!

Kristii said...

What a great idea!!! You totally amaze me with your paper craft/food combinations and I'm totally inspired!!! Thanks Jess!!!

Suzanne Russell said...

Yummy! I really didn't think you could do another project as good as the first Garden Variety, but this is the perfect "continuation" ! I LOVE strawberry anything and adding my favorite flavor to Rice Krispie Treats sounds like a winner! The chocolate on top doesn't hurt either. :)

Betty Sue said...

AMAZING!!! You rock when it comes to everything creative! Love!

gRiSeL™ said...

*GASP* O: O-M-G!!!! I LOVE this idea!!!! Love that rice krispy's treat idea!!! Now I'm craving some!!! Gotta try this out!!! Thanks for the delightful and clever inspirations!!! :D

Jennifer T. said...

You are brilliant! I will have to duplicate these projects. Too cute!!

Kris said...

Remember these???? Who are you kidding?!?!?!? I've gotten more mileage out of those Mint pots than any other post, ever, hands down. I use the smaller pots. With my killer mint brownies, the smaller pots are even almost too much (sweets and calories). Anyway, for Easter I filled the pots with pansy's and put them on each plate at the table with a yellow napkin for decoration. Lovely. Can't wait to make strawberries now. And thanks for the tip with the cake mix. I made peppermint rice crispy treats at Christmas with only peppermint marshmallows and they weren't that great. You're a genius!

BarbaraB said...

What a clever project, just so cute! I hope the treats taste as good as they look.

LEG Studios said...

Jess, you are a genius to pair the garden variety "shrub" with the tiny strawberry to make a strawberry plant - too clever!!

Cathy Weber said...

You are absolutely worth your your weight in gold...or strawberries Jess. I don'tknow how I can justify getting the strawberry set just for the mini berry, but I guess I probably will have to now! This is wonderful, creative, amazing and tasty! Can you tell I loved it? The best job ever today as always.

jintyoo7 said...

How clever - beautiful work and the colours are so sassy :)

pamela said...

I remember seeing those from the last garden variety projects!! This strawberry treat looks super yummy!! Nom nom nom nom...

Cristina said...

I think you're amazing.

maryse n. said...

What I love about your ideas is that they are creative but doable. Great idea!

Diane McVey said...


WinterBerry Glen said...

when you combine your baking skills and your craftiness it's like the best of both worlds colliding! I havne't forgotten how much I adored your original seed packet cake treats but this is right outta the park again. :)