witticisms by Jess Witty

March 17, 2010


I'm a clean and simple girl. Sometimes I try to fight it. I add and I add and I add. A flower here, chipboard there, ribbons and bows, too. And then it's too busy. So I take one off. But it still looks kinda fussy. So another one bites the dust. And then it looks better, but still too much. Until I'm back where I started. Not that I don't love it when other people do it... I'm just not those people. So, when I think layers, or shabby, or vintage, etc. I know my take on it is pared back. This card has 3 layers on it, though, and I can hardly remember the last time that happened! It's a momentous occassion, people. And look... it even has a little gift in it. Couldn't resist. The little Jenni Bowlin coupon card was just calling for it. And the buttons. Have you seen their new buttons? They just kill me, they're so darned cute. {I picked some up in green and orange shortly after the cream buttons made their appearance.}
A little vintage, a little shabby, a little layered... but still me.
{If you're interested in all the product details, just click here.}
Later, friends!


Winter said...

I know the feeling! I try to do other styles, but none make me feel the way I do when I make a CAS card! I love the simple feel of it! :)